Sisley has launched a new eye contour care product and it is a new addition to the best-selling Black Rose Skincare Collection from the brand. The aim of the new launch is to address the concerns of the delicate and fragile eye area. The new Black Rose Eye Contour Fluid contains a concentration of emblematic active ingredients of the Black Rose collection to smooth, energize and illuminate the eyes area.

New Sisley-Paris Black Rose Eye Contour Fluid review and Black Rose Cream Mask

The Black Rose Eye Contour Fluid has a unique delivery system using a ceramic applicator tip which feels very cool and soothing while applying the rosy emulsion that has a creamy texture and transforms into a fresh gel on the surface of the skin upon application.

New Sisley-Paris Black Rose Eye Contour Fluid review and Black Rose Cream Mask

To apply:
 Step 1: Press the applicator slightly to obtain an amount of product the size of a grain of rice. Can be used morning and evening.
 Step 2: Glide across the lower eyelid from the inner to the outer corner and repeat this movement on the upper eyelid (two times).
 Step 3: Perform three upward stretches on the upper eyelid at the inner corner of the eyebrow, arch of the eyebrow and tail of the eyebrow (once).
 Step 4: Apply pressure on the lower eyelid as you massage to promote microcirculation, working from the inside outwards. Repeat this movement on the upper eyelid.

New Sisley-Paris Black Rose Eye Contour Fluid review and Black Rose Cream Mask

The Black Rose Eye Contour Fluid has a very subtle and delicate scent which is naturally fragranced with May Rosewater. It can be used day and night. It does not feel heavy around the eye area – it is nourishing and sinks into the skin nicely, making the eye contour area smooth and plump. Eyes are look and feel illuminated, hydrated and smoothed while helps with dark areas and puffiness. I am loving how it makes my eye area look and feel – it has been few weeks now since I started using it every single day and night, definitely an amazing addition to Sisley’s Black Rose Skincare Collection.

New Sisley-Paris Black Rose Eye Contour Fluid review and Black Rose Cream Mask

I also want to share with you the Black Rose Cream Mask which I have been using once a week, especially on Monday morning or even the second time in a week when there is an important event. It just makes so much difference in how my skin looks. No doubt why it is best selling and has won so many beauty awards. Black Rose Cream Mask is a face mask that has been specifically formulated to instantly help the complexion appear more youthful and energized look. It is rich in anti-ageing ingredients that immediately works on diminishing signs of fatigue and leaves the skin looking more youthful and energized. All it takes is 10 to 15 minutes to see the results – and I know now why celebrities use this mask before big events. It is deliciously scented with rose and creates a moment of relaxation and pleasure.

The Black Rose Skincare Collection including the new Black Rose Eye Contour Fluid is available at luxury retailers including Holt Renfrew, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Nordstrom. It is also be available at Sisley-

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Decorte AQ Serum Absolute is the newest launch from Decorte Cosmetics and is a high-performance serum that offers support to skin that sags with age, revealing a toned, tightened and more lifted appearance. The silky formula instantly melts into skin, delivering youthful density for a redefined, sculpted contour with new-found firmness and elasticity.

Decorte AQ Serum Absolute review

All the products I have used from Decorte, they always set a level for the next one that I try. So I obviously had high hopes from this serum. And luckily my mother was visiting us when I started using this serum – so I thought why not request her to try it with me. She agreed to it. I was so excited to see the real effects and differences it makes on my mom’s 58+ years old skin.

Decorte AQ Serum Absolute review

The serum has some innovative as well as some traditional ingredients that not only help achieve instant but also long-term results including: Targets ageing “fat cells”, stopping the negative spiral and adverse effects of these cells so that skin retains its lift and tone, create more supple, even skin, enhances skin barrier functions with antioxidant protection, helps promote epidermal strength and density for a more lifted and toned skin.

We have been using 2-3 pumps of this serum after Emulsion and Lotion each morning and evening – make sure to spread in lifting motions across the face, neck and décolletage. The results have been very positive, and more visible on my mom’s skin. Her skin looks toned, supple, and radiant – I can see the difference in how youthful it looks and she feels it too. For me, I feel the skin is toned and radiant in general – looks healthy and supple.

Decorte AQ Serum Absolute review

Overall, an amazing new launch from Decorte, not just to help the ageing skin but also to maintain the youthfulness. I know what I am going to gift my mom this Mother’s Day. Decorte skincare and makeup products are available at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Just in time for Spring this year, Nest New York has launched ‘Mediterranean Fig Collection’ – a new home fragrance collection that blends crushed fig leaves and blue cypress with the spirit of turquoise waters and dewy violet to capture the aromas of the lush Mediterranean landscape.

Fragrance Family – Exotic-Wood

Scent Type – Earthy Greens & Herbs

Key Notes – Fig Leaves, Blue Cypress, Violet

New Nest New York Mediterranean Fig Home Fragrance Collection for spring 2020 review of the candle and the reed diffuser

The classic candle – 230 gm burns for over 60 hours. The glass vase of the candle is designed to complement the beauty of the festive surrounding while the classic shape and modern stripe etching complement any décor.

The reed diffuser is designed to fill your home continuously with a lush, memorable fragrance. The formula releases fragrance slowly and evenly. This reed diffuser captures the lush aromas of the Mediterranean landscape with crushed fig leaves, blue cypress, and the essence of turquoise waters.

New Nest New York Mediterranean Fig Home Fragrance Collection for spring 2020 review of the candle and the reed diffuser

The candle is made with a premium, soft, highly refined, cosmetic-grade wax that was developed over many years to optimize burn and fragrance diffusion. The ingredients used are the highest grade of wax materials and the finest fragrance oils available. I have been burning Nest Candles for a few years now and they are amazing – not overly intense but just the right aroma and vibe in the room.

This is a really nice addition to my home decor as well as the home scents for spring. Nest New York is available at Sephora Canada,, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Nordstrom.

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