About Me

My name is Ishtpreet but I like to be called Preet. I was always interested in creating a personal blog and this came into reality when I was pregnant with my second baby. The hormonal changes being pregnant made my skin a total wreck which made me look for ways to bring back my skin to its original self and better than that. I was never a makeup person until I was pregnant, I started using makeup to cover up my not-so-good skin. This need and interest lead me to try products and share my experience with them. Also, the full head of hair which I loved during pregnancy started falling off, so that started my search for good hair products that work. This blog is my way to share my personal experiences about the things I have used and my views on that, whether it is related to skin, hair, makeup, travel, fashion, books or anything. Apart from the story that led to the foundation of this blog, professionally, I am a Software Engineer. I was born and grew up in India and now residing in Toronto, Canada.

“This blog is a hobby blog so please don’t expect an impressively stylish interface or regular daily updates with pictures, luxury and exciting lifestyles of a professional blogger. I do work full time in a job which I find satisfying. I don’t work in the beauty or fashion industry and I’m a consumer, pretty much like all of you reading this.”

For any inquiries or questions, please contact me at thevelvetlifesocial@gmail.com

I can be reached on Instagram , twitter, bloglovin , Facebook and Tumblr

Just for your reference, I have Combination Skin prone to congestion and breakouts and Medium wavy dry hair, sometimes itchy scalp. My skin tone is MAC Mineralize NC37+NC42, Nars St Moritz, YSL Touche Eclat BD50. It may change slightly depending on the season.