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Being a lover of luxury candles and scents, I always have the scented candles on rotation for a specific season. I do have a few on my favorite candles from Cire Trudon, which I reviewed here, they are very much loved and on rotation. I am so glad to share one of the three new candles from the Christmas 2018 collection. Cire Trudon brings ancient Egypt back to life for Christmas with the trio of three timeless scented candles: outstanding pyramids (Cire Trudon Gizeh), an Egyptian God (Amon), and an island on the Nile River (Philae).

Cire Trudon Gizeh Scented Candle Christmas 2018

The three exclusive scents this festive season have traditional incense, notes of papyrus and the comforting presence of a candied-firewood hearten the soul. The collection celebrates ancient Egypt’s evocative power: the visionary architecture of the Gizeh Pyramids; the strength of Amon, a revered, mysterious God; and the timeless geography of Philae, a protected island on the Nile River. Regarding the packaging, the handcrafted boxes have hieroglyphs and acronyms hint at the enigmatic civilization: an eye, a branch of papyrus, a sculptural eagle or a helping hand mimic ancient tales. Standing out, the name of each scented candle is written in a distinct manner that suggests a treasure, geography, or secret divinity. There is gold on the inside, the three candles come in off-white, watery green, and mosaic pink colored glasses. The trio is called ‘Odeurs d’Egypte’ and reveals the sacred nature of Egypt’s ancient rituals and myths.

Cire Trudon Gizeh Scented Candle Christmas 2018

Out of the trio, I have Amon which I am really enjoying for the festive season. It has mosaic-pink packaging -hand-blown Italian glass, adorned with the signature Cire Trudon gold label. The Amon is an homage to the mysterious ancient Egyptian ‘hidden god’ that, as the myth has it, no one could set eyes on. Encapsulating this mysterious story, this candle is scented with notes of traditional incense, subtly sweet patchouli and vanilla-like tonka bean, opening with head notes of rose and aldehydes and carried on an irresistibly woody base of sandalwood and cedar. Golden inside with a mosaic-pink exterior, the beautiful jar makes a great addition to any roo

The notes of the scent are:

Head: Rose, Aldehyde

Heart: Patchouli, Tonka Bean

Base: Cedar, Sandalwood

Cire Trudon Gizeh Scented Candle Christmas 2018

The candle has a distinct woody scent that evokes age-old history. The burn time of the candle is 65 to 70 hours.

It is a stunning addition to any bedside table, desk or mantelpiece. If you are a scented candle lover or want to add a touch of luxury on your bedside, vanity, or living room, I highly recommend you to check out this beautiful candle. Cire Trudon Scented Candles are available at Gravity PopePutti Fine FurnishingPink Tartan, Avenue Road, and KANDL Artistique.

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