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Jo Malone London is here with the fall launches and the new ‘Lost in Wonder’ cologne collection is just perfect to get me through the season with its two new scents. ‘Lost in Wonder’ cologne collection is inspired by the ancient Hanging Gardens that captures the fragrant essence of a majestic scene. The two new scents are Fig & Lotus Flower and Cypress & Grapevine. Two scents were crafted to emphasize the contrasts, the colours and textures of this magical garden scene. Creating an olfactive interpretation of a historical legend from a distant place offers a sense of wanderlust.

New Jo Malone Lost in Wonder cologne collection with new fragrances Fig & Lotus Flower and Cypress & Grapevine review

“A lost moment in time, imagined in the present. Enter a place of
fabled beauty lovingly created by a gallant king for his wistful queen under
the blazing sun. Faithfully tended, flush with water-splashed flowers
and ripe fruits, trailing vines and statuesque trees. A wonder to behold.”

Fig & Lotus Flower is a luscious and graceful light floral cologne. This floral fruity fragrance is pleasant and leaves a warm scent on my skin. It is perfect to freshen me up in the morning. The keynotes are Fig Leaf, Lotus Flower, and Vetiver.

“Lotus flowers skim the surface of a shimmering pond, their delicate
water-splashed petals gliding down the shaded walkways. Sweeping over
the plump, juicy figs that punctuate the bountiful trees.”

New Jo Malone Lost in Wonder cologne collection with new fragrances Fig & Lotus Flower and Cypress & Grapevine review

“The top note of Fig Leaf provides a verdant leaf freshness, while the lactonic tones create the distinctively milky scent of fig leaves. The addition of Lotus Flower is dewy and fresh, creating a graceful light floral heart, representing a flower floating on water. The base note, Vetiver, is earthy and rich. Its grassy character harmonizes with the citrus top notes, while its elegant intensity grounds and deepens the fragrance.”

Cypress & Grapevine is a fresh, sensual, aromatic masculine Cologne Intense. This woody aromatic fragrance that is masculine, fresh-chypre which I like more on my husband than me. The keynotes are Cypress, Grapevine, and Moss.

“Foliage and revelry enliven the garden’s expansive terraces and noble arches. The fresh scent of statuesque cypress trees is powered with woody notes of trailing grapevines, grounded with depths of amber for a bold and compelling effect.”

New Jo Malone Lost in Wonder cologne collection with new fragrances Fig & Lotus Flower and Cypress & Grapevine review

“The top note of Cypress is a resinous woody note that gives the fragrance an aromatic freshness. The heart note of Grapevine is a sensual woody accord, with an unexpected blend of natural cedarwood and vetiver, complemented with warm amber and juicy grape notes. The verdancy of moss cushions the base of the fragrance in earthy, woody warmth. Evocative of undergrowth damp with fresh rain.”

These two new fragrances can be worn alone, or with each other, or with any other scent from the Jo Malone London fragrance collection to create a personalized scent. For example, Jo Malone London recommends Cypress & Grapevine with Wood Sage & Sea Salt for an enlivening, woody pairing, Fig & Lotus Flower with Cypress & Grapevine for a modern, invigorating combination, Fig & Lotus Flower with Wood Sage & Sea Salt for a fresh and luscious floral pairing.

These two new fragrances paint a full olfactive picture of the Hanging Gardens (full story here), when paired together, have so much clarity, freshness and depth. Jo Malone London fragrances including the newest ‘Lost in Wonder’ cologne collection is available at and in Jo Malone London boutiques.

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