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Thomas Kosmala scents have recently launched in North America and I have been following the launch news and the collection since the time I heard about it. It is a niche fragrance brand and the collection launched has nine unique pieces of scents. The packaging as you see in the pictures is very classic yet elegant. Après L’amour No.4 was launched in 2018 and the nose behind the fragrance is of the master himself, Thomas Kosmala.

Thomas Kosmala Après L'amour No.4

About the brand and the founder from the official website, ‘THE ALCHEMY OF SCENT is Thomas Kosmala. His life journey as a perfumer began when he arrived in Paris to study the art of classical perfumery. There he discovered the emotive potency of blending raw perfume materials into wondrous new combinations. This collection deftly balances tradition and innovation in achieving nine signature perfumes. Created and refined in his independent laboratory in the South of France, the collection celebrates Thomas’s gift for re-imagining classic raw ingredients to attain evocative contemporary scent profiles.’

The notes of Après L’amour No.4 are Bitter orange, lemon zest, wood, musk, and amber

Thomas Kosmala Après L'amour No.4

This nuanced, multi-layered scent from Thomas Kosmala captures the erotic energy and languorous mood of skin meeting skin. Bitter orange and lemon zest add zip to the top notes before cooling down to a base of wood, musk and amber.

The scent can definitely be worn by men or women, the longevity is really good. The feminine notes layered with the musky notes and citrus makes it a beautiful scent. Thomas Kosmala scents are available at and

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