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When you generally think about a loose powder, either of the below things might come into your mind first – loose powder is powdery, makes the skin look matte, something that makes everything look cakey, have to be careful with how much to use – a little extra means you either look ashy or not natural, something that is visible over the face, it won’t suit your skin type or could be other reason. Be it any reason, if you are not a professional or a regular user of loose powder in your makeup routine, I am sure there might be a hesitance before you think of trying or getting one. I am telling you, this Loose Version I am talking about in this post will change your perspective. I have to agree that the Japanese have a way of doing things that are nearest to perfection.

Decorte Loose powder review swatches

Decorte products have always been on my top shelf when it comes to makeup or skincare. Decorte Loose Powder is one of those products which makes me think why did I not try it before. Decorte Loose Powder is a rich face powder that moistly melts into the skin with the lightness and smoothness of the finest silk. Even it is rich, I have not felt it rich as such – texture-wise or application-wise or even feeling wise.

Decorte Loose powder review swatches

Decorte Loose Powder blends seamlessly into the skin like a dream, it is finely milled and feels silky soft. It blurs the problem areas including the look of pores and uneven textures for an even and refined look that looks very natural. Based on the shade chosen, it gives a beautiful translucent glow to the skin or sets the makeup for longer wear time. I use a fluffy brush or the puff that is included with the powder. I want to mention that the puff which is included with the Loose Powder is really soft and plush, love how soft it is and application using that puff works really good.

Decorte Loose powder review swatches

Decorte Loose Powder has Silk Powders coated with moisture bonding molecules ensuring lasting, non-drying comfort during the wear time. My most go-to shades are 30 Terra Cotta, 12 Lucent Beige, and 00 Translucent. The powder does not feel oily on my combination skin but gives me a radiant look. And on the other hand, it does not emphasize the dry areas on my face. The powder is just perfect, both for my oily as well as dry areas on my face.

Decorte Loose powder review swatches

It feels very lightweight and comfortable on the skin. There is a subtle rose smell that I could smell but it is too subtle and fades quickly. I really like the packaging of the powder, it is a sturdy case with a complimentary puff inside.

Decorte Loose powder review swatches

It is definitely one of the silkiest face powder I have used. Decorte Loose Powder is available in 6 shades and I have swatched them all below:

10 Misty Beige – A light diffusing non-pearl, matte-finish (more matte than 12 Lucent Beige)

12 Lucent Beige – A non-pearl, translucent finish with just a touch of warmth (less matte than 10 Misty Beige)

11 Luminous Ivory – Elegant perky beige with a fine, pearl-like shimmer (less shimmer/glow than 80 Pink Glow)

80 Pink Glow – Pink shimmer with delicately glittering pearls (less shimmer/glow than 00 translucent)

30 Terra Cotta – A warm, pearly terra cotta for a deeper, healthy lustre

00 Translucent – Translucent, non-pearl finish for a moisturized lustre (wearable shimmer, not chunky but glowy)

Decorte Loose powder review swatches

I also reviewed and swatched the new shades of Decorte Eye Glow Gem, which is one of my most loved cream eye shadows and the newest Decorte Comfort Day Mist here. Decorte skincare and makeup products are available at Decorte Official Website and Saks Fifth Avenue.

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