Guerlain legendry creations are reinvented and encased in a beautiful packaging of black and gold this winter. Since the first look at the Guerlain Christmas Holiday 2017 collection, I was so excited about it. Black and Gold are one of my favorite combination and this collection has created a new milestone of reference for perfection. It is perfect as a collector’s item, on the vanity, in the bag to show off, it fits anywhere.

Guerlain Christmas Holiday 2017 Collection

I am reviewing Terracotta Gold Light Gold Bronzing Powder, Rouge G Exceptional Complete Lip Color in Flaming Red, and Gold Light TopCoat for lash, brow, and hair.

Guerlain Christmas Holiday 2017 Collection

Terracotta Gold Light Gold Bronzing Powder

Terracotta Gold Light Gold Bronzing Powder (CAD $69) in limited edition is described to perfectly enhance your natural sun-kissed glow and catch the light with the precious hints of gold contained in the formula. The formula contains incredibly fine mother-of-pearl, and imitates the dazzling light of skin that has been left silky by the sun. The powder has a very captivating fragrance and uplifts the mood every time I open the case. The formula contains moisturizing active ingredients that do not dry out the skin and provides comfort.

Guerlain Christmas Holiday 2017 Collection

At first, when I saw the powder in person, I thought it might be too light for my skin tone, which for your reference is medium tan, but after swatching it, it looks very natural and not fake. The powder is very fine and blends into the skin seamlessly. It does look very natural on the skin, without any cakiness or drying.

Guerlain Christmas Holiday 2017 Collection

I use it on the upper of my cheekbones, brow arch, bridge of the nose where my face catches the light. The glow is beautiful, like the perfect sun-kissed glow. The case as you see in the picture is the reusable art deco metal jewel case.

Rouge G Exceptional Complete Lip Color in Flaming Red

Rouge G Exceptional Complete Lip Color in Flaming Red (CAD $61) is cast in a gold and black fine jewelry case that reveals a mirror on opening. Th lipstick is a subtle balance of intense color and the comforting pleasure of a creamy lip balm. The lipstick has a sweet refreshing scent with the dry down of vanilla. The main ingredients include Hyaluronic acid spheres to fill your lips and Mango butter to soften the lips.

Guerlain Christmas Holiday 2017 Collection

I like Guerlain lipstick for their formulas and shades. And when it is limited edition collection, it has to be something exceptional. Flamingo Red is a beautiful red shade which is very pigmented, creamy, and plumping. Depending on the intensity you want, you can use it straight from the bullet or with a brush with a complimenting lip liner.

Guerlain Christmas Holiday 2017 Collection

Gold Light TopCoat

Gold Light TopCoat (CAD $30) is a limited edition product designed to dress lashes, eyebrows, and hair with precious hints of gold for a unique look. It can be applied alone or in superposition with other shades. It can be applied from root to tip of the lashes in a single coat or multiple coats to intensify the volume and color. I have used it on lashes, hair, and brows. It looks very natural in the daylight but does dazzle in the dark, in a good way.

Guerlain Christmas Holiday 2017 Collection

Overall, as expected, exceptional packaging, amazing formulas as always, and beautiful products. There are three other products in the Holiday collection, named, Meteorites Gold Light, Gold Palette, and Rouge G in Glamorous Cherry which does look beautiful but I did not get a chance to check them out yet.

Guerlain Christmas Holiday 2017 Collection

From top to bottom – Terracotta Gold Light Gold Bronzing Powder, Rouge G in Flaming Red, Gold Light TopCoat 

Guerlain Christmas Holiday 2017 Collection is available at Guerlain Boutique & Institute and select counters, Sephora, The Hudson’s Bay. How do you like this collection? Would you be picking up something from this collection?

*DISCLAIMER – These are press samples sent to ‘The Velvet Life’, all views and opinions are 100% honest and based purely on my own experience.

  • Brigette Collins

    I really like that shade of bronzer. I love the gold tint. The lipstick is pretty as well, but I don’t think that is my color.

  • OurCookery Com

    I would love to see a pic of the Gold Light TopCoat on your hair, brows and lashes. Would it come through on dark hair? How many coats did you have to use?

  • Their packaging is gorgeous! I would love to get that lipstick especially since it has a mirror! I love that convenience.

  • Maria Miguel Zamith

    first of all the packaging is incredible! So elegant and high end in my opinion.
    But it’s just a shame that guerlain still tests their products on animals… I really only try to buy products that are cruelty free 🙂

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    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  • HerQuarters

    That lipstick colour and packaging is stunning! I need to get one!

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    The packaging of the bronzer looks gorgeous! Would love to add it to my makeup collection 🙂

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    Nice products you mentioned. That shade of red is really bright and beautiful, I love it!

  • Kimberly Lewis (Lou Lou Girls)

    This is so pretty! I have never seen this product before!

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    What an awesome makeup collection. Every girl dream to have these kind of makeup. The packaging of these are so gorgeous.

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    You always post about the most beautiful products. I must try these!

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  • What a beautiful collection! I love all the packaging and the embossing on the Terracotta Gold Bronzing Powder is so beautiful!

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  • Cassie Liz

    These products look fantastic – can’t wait to try!

  • the designing and embossing of Terracotta Gold Bronzing Powder is beautiful. looks like great products.

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    Their packaging is always so beautiful… and that gold light topcoat looks absolutely wonderful!

  • Oht eh packaging is stunning, and the gold light topcoat mascara sounds fascinating! It’s a shame it’s limited edition, always annoying when you fall in love with a product and you can’t buy more of it, haha!

    Hope you are having a lovely week so far 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

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