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Guerlain Summer by Terracotta 2018 Collection has some really gorgeous products and all are focussed on that healthy glow and solar radiance. I have loved and collected few products from the past year’s collection which are treasured for their packaging and formula, and of course which I rarely use on special occasions to not ruin the embossing and just keep them as collector items for me. From the Guerlain – Summer by Terracotta 2018 collection, I have two products which I will be going into detail in this post, which are Guerlain Terracotta powder, in a limited edition called Guerlain Terracotta Route des Îles and Guerlain Meteorites Le Parfum.

Guerlain - Summer by Terracotta 2018 Collection, Meteorites Le Parfum

Guerlain Terracotta Route des Îles

Guerlain Terracotta Route des Îles is a Guerlain Terracotta powder in a limited edition called Terracotta Route des Îles. The packaging is luxurious, environmentally sound wooden pack (using wood from PEFC approved sustainably managed forests) contains a wide mirror and a two-tone powder block. There is a combination of the best-selling Terracotta shade 03, subtly iridescent, which naturally warms all complexions, and the it-color for summer, a slight gold shimmer apricot color, to illuminate the tan. The colors can either be blended together to warm the complexion and enhance the natural radiance of the tan or applied separately to achieve the desired intensity. On the skin, they meld together to form a buildable silky veil, so fine that the result is impeccable and remains so, all day long. The fragrance of the Terracotta powder takes you on a getaway. The ylang-ylang and orange blossom notes create the sensation of a cocoon. They are blended into tonka bean and vanilla notes with sunny facets that embody the essence of Terracotta. A note of white musk adds a velvet touch to this addictive fragrance. The senses are awakened, transported to a faraway land. Often copied but never equaled, the unique secret formula of Terracotta is reinterpreted in soft, vibrant colors. It retains the essential benefits of the legendary Terracotta bronzing powder: a buildable sun-kissed glow thanks to a comfortable and very fine texture for a naturally warmed complexion all day long.

Guerlain - Summer by Terracotta 2018 Collection, Meteorites Le Parfum

A unique combination of pigments to banish dullness and set the complexion glowing. A formula which does not dry out the skin and offers long-lasting comfort. Mistake-proof application. To give a natural healthy glow look to the entire face, try the Guerlain secret: trace a “3” on the skin. Mix the two shades together in a circular movement and apply the powder to the face: from the forehead to the cheekbones and down to the chin to recreate the natural glow of the first sunbeams. Sweep the apricot shade over the cheekbones for even more freshness.

Guerlain - Summer by Terracotta 2018 Collection, Meteorites Le Parfum

The formula is very luxurious, soft, buttery, and the perfect shade which is not orangey or too light, the perfect amount of tan to warm up the complexion and give a healthy sun-kissed glow.  The formula blends in beautifully into the complexion. The staying power is great as with all the bronzing powders from the house. I am a fan of Guerlain bronzing powders since last decade, even before I started this blog and every new release from the brand makes me more excited. I have used this limited edition bronzer few times and already in love.

Guerlain - Summer by Terracotta 2018 Collection, Meteorites Le Parfum

The summer has just started and I do use the Terracotta Bronzers all year round. I have repurchased the permanent shade 3 few times and is a regular part of my daily look and as my skin is medium tan, it works as a bronzer for the whole year and also as an all-over powder on the days I have the most tan in summer. The formula never emphasizes my imperfections and does not cause any irritations or breakouts as with all the Guerlain products I have used till now. As this is a limited edition powder, I highly recommend you to check this out before it is sold out.

Guerlain - Summer by Terracotta 2018 Collection, Meteorites Le Parfum

Guerlain Meteorites Le Parfum

Guerlain Meteorites Le Parfum – Eau de Toilette captures in a perfume all the freshness and subtlety of its mythical Météorites. Another distinguishing feature of these little-multicolored powder pearls, which reveal the beauty of every woman, is their delicate violet fragrance. Thierry Wasser, Guerlain’s master perfumer, reworked the violet in all its facets: from its green notes to its woody base, and even its powdery accents. The fragrance opens with apple for a fruity, slightly sharp note, while rose and violet fuse in a floral bouquet which is delightfully revealed through sensual white musk.

The fragrance comes in the same round bottle as Terracotta Le Parfum, with the beautiful addition of a silver-colored spray nozzle and a pearly pink cap. The textured paper label reproduces one of the symbols of the Meteorites range: the garland in the powder pearl colors enhanced with hints of silver.

Guerlain - Summer by Terracotta 2018 Collection, Meteorites Le Parfum

I would say this is the most exciting launch and an answer to all the fans of one of the most famous and loved product – Guerlain Meteorites pearls who have been wishing and wanting a fragrance which smells like the powder. As a part of my regular ritual to touch up my face with the Guerlain Meteorites pearls, the first part has always been to smell it, and now that the fragrance has come in a bottle, I am so excited every time I use it.

The fragrance classification is powdery, fruity, floral, perfect for the spring and summer. Top notes are bergamot, apple note, green notes. Heart notes are rose, violet. Base notes are white musk, woody notes. The fragrance is soft, gentle, pleasant powdery scent of violet. The top notes come are bright in the opening which gives freshness, which transforms and reveals tender violet into creamy-powdery violet which does smells likes the meteorites powder. I do feel it is on the sweeter side, not overly sweet but there is the presence of sweetness. The fragrance is not over-powering and can be used as a daily fragrance and even for work. The longevity is over 8 hours on my skin and the sillage is very close like it is made to enhance your skin as is the Meteorites Powder Pearls. I am really enjoying this scent, it is bright, fresh, pleasant, soft, ethereal and feminine.

Guerlain – Summer by Terracotta 2018 collection and Guerlain Meteorites Le Parfum are available at Sephora, Hudson’s Bay, Nordstrom, BeautyBoutique by Shoppers Drug Mart, Saks Fifth Avenue. Just to mention again that Guerlain – Summer by Terracotta 2018 collection is limited edition and I highly recommend you to check Guerlain Terracotta Route des Îles which I have been really in love these days.

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