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Sisley-Paris Le Phyto-Gloss Collection is the newest launch from the brand and was much awaited by all the lip gloss lovers like me who expect much more from it than a normal lip gloss. The newest Le Phyto-Gloss formula incorporates both intensive lip care and mirror-like shine in one, which means it hydrates, nourishes, and protects the lips while giving a beautiful finish.

Review and swatches of the new Sisley Paris Le Phyto-gloss collection

“The key ingredients in Sisley-Paris Le Phyto-gloss contain an ‘Oleo-Beauty’ complex which is a combination of three oils that provide an enveloping, non-sticky texture, and ultra-glossy lips. It also provides a shaping effect on the lips while giving volume and shine. The ‘Mother-of-pearl particles’ help to accentuate shine and iridescence. The Hydrobooster complex composed of Hyaluronic Acid and Konjac Glucomannans infuses skin with water and help maintain hydration, plumps, and smooths.”, per Sisley Paris website.

Review and swatches of the new Sisley Paris Le Phyto-gloss collection

The formula is very hydrating, not sticky at all, has a little substance to it – I would not say it is light or is thick but the consistency is just perfect without being light or heavy but is definitely not sticky. The gloss does provide a plumping effect on the lips with a little sensation that looks even more noticeable with the glossy finish. The ultra-creamy and silky formula blend nicely without accentuating the lines. The formula is very soothing, comfortable, and nourishing for my dry lips. The high precision tip of the gloss works perfectly to apply and define the lips easily.

Review and swatches of the new Sisley Paris Le Phyto-gloss collection

It works great both as a top coat on lipstick for an intense shiny lacquered effect and even when just worn alone. Nowadays, as I am working from home and sitting in front of my laptop all day, taking breaks occasionally, I keep Le Phyto-Gloss on my desk and have been reaching out for it a lot. I notice that my lips are much healthier and nourished even after the gloss has worn off. It does not just work momentarily while it is on the lips but even after that – it repairs the lips. My lips are much soft and supple since I started using these.

Review and swatches of the new Sisley Paris Le Phyto-gloss collection
Swatches with * have shimmer finish

Le Phyto-Gloss is available in 10 vibrant and luminous shades and in two different finishes – shimmery and shiny. I have swatched 4 shades – two with shine and two with a shimmer finish.

Shimmery shades are:

1 Moon – hologram white (swatched)

2 Aurora – nude pink

3 Sunrise – baby pink (swatched)

4 Twilight – raspberry pink

5 Fireworks – golden red

6 Paradise – coral

Shiny shades are:

7 Venus – nude beige

8 Milkyway – baby pink (swatched)

9 Sunset – copper red (swatched)

10 Star – Intense Red

The packaging as you see is so beautiful – gold case with transparent stripes that reveal the colour inside. The shimmery finish is not chunky or overly unreal shimmer but is a very practical and acceptable shimmer for everyday wear. Both the shimmery and shiny versions are very comfortable and perfect for day or nightwear.

Sisley Paris products are available at luxury retailers including Holt Renfrew, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Nordstrom. It is also available at Sisley-

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