If you have been reading my previous posts, you may be knowing that during and after my pregnancy, i have been really on hunt for good skincare and hair care products and this is one of those gems i found during my pregnancy. I have been using this oil since last  one year and still love it the most among my hair care arsenal. I have medium wavy hair with sometimes dry flaky scalp. After including this oil in my hair care routine, i do not remember when was the last time i saw flyaway or frizz, even though i do not use it regularly, but in rotations with other hair oils.  I tried this oil as a deluxe sample from Shu Uemura Canada website while buying the Cleansing Oil, which is also one of my favorite product from the brand. Shu Uemura is a Japanese luxury brand for Skincare and Hair care products.


I have to say that this is one of the best oil serums out there in the market for the overall nourishment, tame frizz and fly aways and enhance shine. It can be used on wet hair before blow drying, on dry hair before heat styling, or as a pre-shampoo treatment. It works great no matter how i use it. It leaves my hair very smooth and shiny. I feel like my hair has been healthier since I started using it. It’s more nourishing and moisturizing than other typical silicone-based serums, yet very light, not greasy or heavy. I really like the smell of this oil, which is very subtle sweet floral scent that doesn’t linger.

As this oil is so light, it’s not the best heat protectant. If i am blow drying or styling my hair using heat, i mix this oil with another serum that has a higher silicone content or otherwise use an additional layer of a heat protectant product.


It doesn’t sit heavily on my hair, but I use it most on my mid hair to the ends, although I work it throughout my head. Other important thing i have noticed is that if i am using more than 2-3 pumps of this oil, it behaves differently, makes my hair become oily sooner. So, in my opinion, it will take 1-2 times for everyone to adjust and set the amount of this oil that is perfect for them, depending upon the hair type and hair length but i am pretty sure, this will work for everyone. You may have noticed till now that how much i love this oil… Overall, this oil really feels luxurious. I like the packaging and the 150ml bottle lasts me for more than 6 months. This oil has increased my love and hunt for more Japanese hair care and skincare for my hair type and skin type.

The price of this oil is CAD $69 for 150ml excluding taxes and i will be repurchasing it once i finish this bottle.

Buy Here:

Shu Uemura Canada

The Hudson’s Bay

This is one of the best masks i discovered that actually works   Period. I really mean it. I have been in love with the P50 lotion from the Biologique Recherche but this is one of the best thing after the lotion. I found this mask while searching for something for my hormonal acne and combination skin. I didn’t see a huge difference in my skin when i had the hormonal acne but once my acne cleared up, this worked wonders. The look and feel of my skin really felt better after using this mask.


The only thing that bothers me about this mask is the smell, generally i am not sensitive to smells or in other words i don’t even bother about the smell if something suits my skin, but this mask is an exceptionally stinky mask. Yes, it is not something that u get used to, not in this case, every time i apply this mask on my face, i have to mentally prepare myself to get started. Believe me, i do so only after thinking about the after effects of this mask.


Biologique Recherche claims this mask to be brightening, toning and refreshing for the skin. And i fully support them with their claim. It has worked wonders for my dull combination skin, making it glowy and flawless. I have also seen improvement in the size of pores on my cheeks and blackheads on my nose have really reduced.


I always use this mask during evenings, my routine when i use this mask is

1. Double cleansing with oil, followed with a non foaming cleanser(if i wore makeup during day, Otherwise single cleanse with non foaming cleanser)

2. Acid toning, p50 lotion or First Aid Beauty Radiance pads. This step can be avoided too.

3. Thick layer of Biologique Recherche Masque Vivant, avoiding the eye area.

4. I usually keep it for 20-25 minutes and then rinse it with warm water while massaging my face.

5. Use my Biologique Recherche Cream Dermopurifiante, which i will be reviewing in few days.

This masque is CAD $65 for 100ml and i bought this online from La Chambre Des Dames with $10 flat rate shipping, it is also available at  ONE 2 ONE Studio ONLINE with extra shipping charges.

Yes, i heard about Kate Sommerville from Caroline Hirons and i am happy i did. I have been using this serum every night since the last 3 weeks and totally in love with it and the way it makes my skin feel. Now, giving some background on my skin condition, i have a combination skin with hormonal breakouts.

Since my delivery 7 months ago with Baby no 2, my skin was real bad with big giant painful hormonal acne over my jawline, i still have pictures of my face at that time and will surely dare to share it here some day. So, the acne cleared up with much of my effort (which i will share in my upcoming posts) but my skin looked very dull and dehydrated. I was searching for some Vitamin C product for my spots since long time but was not in hurry to buy one so that to give my acne time to heal up. Finally, after a lot of search and backed by reviews from lots of people online, i splurged into this product, and another co-incidence was the launch of Kate Sommerville Skincare at Sephora Canada.


This is a costly serum around CAD $108 for 30ml of the product. It comes in a nice bottle with 2 chambers, one has 10 percent vitamin C and other has youth-enhancing bioactive omegas 3, 6, 9, and 7. Both chambers have pump and product from both pumps need to be mixed before applying.


What it has really helped me is with my pigmentation and spots from my hormonal acne, has improved my skin tone and radiance. I started noticing the difference in the overall skin appearance during my first week of its use. I never noticed any dryness or sensitivity on my skin but i was very diligent to use sunscreen during the day. It is totally worth the price and i am planning to buy one more to keep it as my backup.


I do not use it every night of the week but i miss it for a day or two and swap it with some hydrating serum. My night routine with this serum involves:

1. Double Cleansing(if i am wearing makeup or sunscreen during day, otherwise just single cleansing)

2. Acid Toner

3. Hydrating Toner, usually a spritz toner

4. One my face is dry, i apply my Eye cream

5. Then, i take two pumps from each chamber of Kate Sommerville Mega C Dual Radiance Serum into my palm and mix them with my finger, then apply it on my face with a little massage until it soaks.

6. Night time moisturizer

You can buy it online from Sephora Canada with free shipping option or from the Kate Sommerville Skincare, they ship to Canada with extra shipping charges and custom/duties.

Have you also tried this serum, if yes let me know if it worked for you the way it worked for or if you are thinking to try this out, you can ask me anything regarding my experience with it.

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