For me, the sleepless nights have started back again. I know it is just my second trimester and i should be more energetic than my first trimester but things are not working that way. It was okay until last week, maybe i spoiled my routine during my week off from work. I was watching movies most of the nights after my daughter went to bed and now here i am trying to sleep but see the sleep nowhere near.

Other reason may be that i feel really dis-comfortable when lying down on bed and trying to sleep. As the baby is growing, my movements and sleep positions are becoming limited. I put pillows between my legs and thighs and that helps relieve some tension between my lower back and stomach. Other thing i tried doing is keeping the wedged pillow under my stomach, just a little part at this time and it works sometimes. Drinking a warm cup of milk sometimes helps. I have also massaged my head a few times before bed with warm coconut oil, it didn’t do much. Other thing i suspect is my tea intake, i take tea twice in the day, once with breakfast and then in the evening after work.

As nothing seems working persistently, other option i am thinking of is to go to a massage therapist for my lower back pain and my leg pain, they are just making my body too uncomfortable to function properly and rest. And, last but not the least option, the doctor is always the second God. 🙂

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I was using the Clarins Tonic Body Treatment Oil since last 3 months and it has proved to be really nice on my skin, my skin feels soft and hydrated but the only con is that it is really expensive. I was looking for an alternative from drug store that i can replace with my Clarins Oil when it gets over. I got the Cetaphil Moisturizing lotion after carefully going through all the aisles in the drug store and then finally i put few ingredients on internet search and got them to be safe. It says over the cover that it is non-comedogenic means that it does not clog pores.


On the Cetaphil website, they clearly mentioned that it does not contain the harmful ingredients unsafe during pregnancy, so it is safe to use during pregnancy. Although i did my part of research and finally bought it in 500ML packing, my first product from this brand. The moisturizer is of good consistency, neither very oily nor very watery, just perfect to blend into the skin without feeling greasy. I have noticed that my skin feels really smooth and hydrated since last few days. I have never had the need to reapply it during the day or night, just once in the morning after bath. Also, i have noticed that it has maintained few things from my previous clarins oil effects, like no itching, so i am not scratching since few months and that’s a good sign that my skin is hydrated. Also, it is fragrance free. I am going to look for a 1L economic pack once this bottle gets over, probably Cotsco will have it as Cetaphil says that on their Canadian website.

Product link for your reference:


My doctor always ask me on my visits that if i am taking my multivitamins, and i always say YES i am. I know we hear things like we should be eating healthy, taking less stress and do workouts or walks, but in real world and depending on the personal situations, this ideal routine becomes impossible sometimes. So, in order to remain healthy, taking Multivitamins becomes a need. And during Pregnancy, it becomes a priority too.

There are many prenatal multivitamins in the market, its just that i took Materna during my first pregnancy and going with the same again. Materna is from the Brand Nestle and Nestle brand has always been with me, whether in India or here in Canada.


I am currently taking my Materna tablets, once daily, before bed, with water. I had few tablets left, so i was looking or i should say i was expecting some deal from Shoppers Drug Mart, where i usually buy it. And here it is, got the email for same, BUY ONE GET ONE FREE ON MULTIVITAMINS. Yay, i got my stock up today, two 100 tablet bottles for $26, good deal, right? Subscribing to their emails is a nice thing i did.

Don’t forget to take the Multivitamins!

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