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Sisley-Paris Le Phyto-Gloss Collection is the newest launch from the brand and was much awaited by all the lip gloss lovers like me who expect much more from it than a normal lip gloss. The newest Le Phyto-Gloss formula incorporates both intensive lip care and mirror-like shine in one, which means it hydrates, nourishes, and protects the lips while giving a beautiful finish.

Review and swatches of the new Sisley Paris Le Phyto-gloss collection

“The key ingredients in Sisley-Paris Le Phyto-gloss contain an ‘Oleo-Beauty’ complex which is a combination of three oils that provide an enveloping, non-sticky texture, and ultra-glossy lips. It also provides a shaping effect on the lips while giving volume and shine. The ‘Mother-of-pearl particles’ help to accentuate shine and iridescence. The Hydrobooster complex composed of Hyaluronic Acid and Konjac Glucomannans infuses skin with water and help maintain hydration, plumps, and smooths.”, per Sisley Paris website.

Review and swatches of the new Sisley Paris Le Phyto-gloss collection

The formula is very hydrating, not sticky at all, has a little substance to it – I would not say it is light or is thick but the consistency is just perfect without being light or heavy but is definitely not sticky. The gloss does provide a plumping effect on the lips with a little sensation that looks even more noticeable with the glossy finish. The ultra-creamy and silky formula blend nicely without accentuating the lines. The formula is very soothing, comfortable, and nourishing for my dry lips. The high precision tip of the gloss works perfectly to apply and define the lips easily.

Review and swatches of the new Sisley Paris Le Phyto-gloss collection

It works great both as a top coat on lipstick for an intense shiny lacquered effect and even when just worn alone. Nowadays, as I am working from home and sitting in front of my laptop all day, taking breaks occasionally, I keep Le Phyto-Gloss on my desk and have been reaching out for it a lot. I notice that my lips are much healthier and nourished even after the gloss has worn off. It does not just work momentarily while it is on the lips but even after that – it repairs the lips. My lips are much soft and supple since I started using these.

Review and swatches of the new Sisley Paris Le Phyto-gloss collection
Swatches with * have shimmer finish

Le Phyto-Gloss is available in 10 vibrant and luminous shades and in two different finishes – shimmery and shiny. I have swatched 4 shades – two with shine and two with a shimmer finish.

Shimmery shades are:

1 Moon – hologram white (swatched)

2 Aurora – nude pink

3 Sunrise – baby pink (swatched)

4 Twilight – raspberry pink

5 Fireworks – golden red

6 Paradise – coral

Shiny shades are:

7 Venus – nude beige

8 Milkyway – baby pink (swatched)

9 Sunset – copper red (swatched)

10 Star – Intense Red

The packaging as you see is so beautiful – gold case with transparent stripes that reveal the colour inside. The shimmery finish is not chunky or overly unreal shimmer but is a very practical and acceptable shimmer for everyday wear. Both the shimmery and shiny versions are very comfortable and perfect for day or nightwear.

Sisley Paris products are available at luxury retailers including Holt Renfrew, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Nordstrom. It is also available at Sisley-

*Press samples

While browsing through my website, I realized that the last time I shared anything about Biologique Recherche was in 2016 and since then, I have gone through many bottles of Lotion P50 as well as Masque Vivant with some other staples from the brand. Not that I have not shared about the products, which I did quite a lot of times on my Instagram here. So finally sharing my experience with the Biologique Recherche Facial and Biologique Recherche products that were advised for my skin type.

First thing first, if you have not had a Biologique Recherche facial and thinking about getting one – do not wait, go get one (of course, if you feel safe as in Canada where I live, we are still in the 2nd phase of reopening). And once you have had the facial, you will know what I mean when I say ‘I couldn’t believe that it was really my skin’ that I was looking at after giving control of my facial skin to the Biologique Recherche aesthetician for an hour and a half. My skin looked so radiant, clear, smooth, and supple after the facial – I mean it was one of my best facials and the results were outstanding.

Review of Biologique Recherche Lotion P50, P50T, Complexe Iribiol, Serum Placenta, Lait U, Hair Lotion P50 Capillaire, Cream Placenta, L'Eauxygénante, Masque Vivant

This is my facial I took back in December and I know I am late but I was planning to go back in March but then the pandemic happened. Until March and April, my skin had no breakouts, I was not sure if it just the facial or maybe I have passed 35 now and my hormones are settling down. But you never know, I get few breakouts here and there during that time of the month. But I do have some staples on rotation to keep the acne and spots away. I have experienced very good improvement in my skin and the spots after the facial as well as by using the products. I had my facial at One 2 One Studion in Toronto.

Starting from the cleansing till the moisturizer, I have my routine set. It includes cleansing with Lait U. It is a very lightweight and fresh cleanser that does not strip off the skin from the natural oils. I always use it as my second cleanser – I like it that way and believe it works better for me as a second cleanser in the evening or first cleanser in the morning. I apply a small amount on my face, neck, and decollete – massage gently and then remove with a warm damp cloth.

Review of Biologique Recherche Lotion P50, P50T, Complexe Iribiol, Serum Placenta, Lait U, Hair Lotion P50 Capillaire, Cream Placenta, L'Eauxygénante, Masque Vivant

Then comes the exfoliation part – which I believe has benefitted me so much. Lotion P50 or Lotion P50T now has been in my skincare routine for almost the same time since I started blogging, it was one of my first discoveries since my love for skincare started almost 6 years back. I have never been without it since then. The range of P50 Balancing exfoliators speeds up epidermis’s natural exfoliating process and the maintenance of the skin’s barrier with its protective functions. It gently exfoliates, regulates excessive sebum secretion, moisturizes, and helps maintain the epidermis’s acid pH. It also prevents and treats in-grown hairs. I use it every day after cleansing and before applying the mist or serum. I apply it around the eye area and lips once a week but rest of the face, neck and decollete – I use it every day – preferably in my evening skincare routine. I used to apply it just with my hands in between since I started using it but I feel it applies better with a cotton pad. I definitely can see and feel that it purifies and evens out the complexion while keeping the skin healthy and glowy.

I follow up with 1-2 spritz of L’Eauxygénante which is a moisturizing mist which also respects the epidermis’s acid pH and is a perfect combination with Lotion P50 or P50T. It also works as a nice overall mist to refresh during day or just to brighten up the complexion.

Review of Biologique Recherche Lotion P50, P50T, Complexe Iribiol, Serum Placenta, Lait U, Hair Lotion P50 Capillaire, Cream Placenta, L'Eauxygénante, Masque Vivant

I use 2 serums from Biologique Recherche – on rotation or together. Complexe Iribiol and Serum Placenta have both been a great addition to my skincare routine. Complexe Iribiole is made with Iris and Zinc extracts to unify the complexion. It keeps my breakouts and irritation of skin at bay. I apply it either on the whole face or just focus on my T-zone where the sabecious glands are generally more concentrated. Then I follow up with Serum Placenta which is very soothing for the skin and also helps with the pigmentation and dark spots. I use it either on my whole face or I just concentrate on the areas where I have most spots. It also tones the skin while making the skin look radiant and supple. I follow up with Cream Placenta which is focused on unifying the complexion – be it the uneven skin tone or balancing the skin while providing the needed hydration.

Review of Biologique Recherche Lotion P50, P50T, Complexe Iribiol, Serum Placenta, Lait U, Hair Lotion P50 Capillaire, Cream Placenta, L'Eauxygénante, Masque Vivant

I know I have shared before but I do love Masque Vivant for my combination skin prone to congestion – it purifies and unifies the complexion. I apply the mask weekly or even bi-weekly – not to miss it one week before that time of the month – I add a pinch of bicarbonate of soda and a few drops of Complexe Iribiol (you can skip adding Complex Iribiol if you do not have it) into mask in a bowl or even the palm of my hand – I mix it and apply on my face – keep it on for 15 min minutes and then I remove it with normal water (no hot water). There is not a single time that I have not felt the difference – whether there is a breakout or not – it just clears out everything. It has become a staple in my skincare routine. They say if you use Masque Vivant, your skin never ages – I am not sure if that is correct but I can definitely recommend you to check it out and see yourself. Also, the mask not only helps with problematic skin but also with white and black heads – even the most stubborn ones. And if you try it out, do not worry about the weird smell, you will get used to it but if you are very sensitive to smell – please check for a sample first before buying the full size.

Review of Biologique Recherche Lotion P50, P50T, Complexe Iribiol, Serum Placenta, Lait U, Hair Lotion P50 Capillaire, Cream Placenta, L'Eauxygénante, Masque Vivant

Last but not the least, I do want to mention about Hair Lotion P50 Capillaire which I have been using and really liking – it basically is a exfoliator for scalp. It purifies the scalp and balances its pH. The lotion is gentle and purifies the scalp while regulating the sebum secretion while moisturizing for the hair fiber at the same time. For my problematic scalp, it works very well. It is refreshing as well as soothing for the scalp. I do experience some tingling sensation after applying it but it gets better soon – I believe it is the chemical exfoliation effect.

Overall, an amazing brand and amazing products – I have been using it for years and do see them in my routine in the coming years. I hope this post was helpful if you have the same issues as I have with my skin and scalp or just want to try the brand – keep in mind all the products are gentle enough to be used by all skin types unless mentioned so. And also I believe there are no fragrances added to suppress with the smell of the ingredients, you might find it chemical-like or pungent or weird – that is fine too, I got used to it pretty fast and once you see something is working for you, then you just get along with it, right? Biologique Recherche products are available online as well as the Spa locations. I usually order mine from One 2 One Studio, La Chambre Des Dames in Canada or I just grab them when I visit One 2 One Studio in Toronto.

With this unusual situation when everyone is preferring to stay home, I know it is not easy to feel in the best of your mood and to ‘get ready’ to work from home. For me personally, not every day is the same. I know you will agree with me that a little touch of makeup here and there not only makes you feel good but also uplifts your mood. This is the time where you really have to get up and get ready for your own self so that you can be YOU. I won’t say that I put on makeup every single day, there are days when I do not really want to put on makeup, the reason might be any – maybe I am too lazy already thinking about removing the makeup in the evening or I might not have any virtual meetings to join or just that I got up late and then barely able to make it to a meeting once the breakfast has been served to kids. Of course, I join many meetings without turning on my camera. Just to let you know that I am with you all, let me know in comments how are you staying positive during this time and are you putting on makeup as usual?

Working from home luxury makeup

I have a few staple products in my makeup stash which I reach out for a lot. The main areas I focus to look fresh and presentable are base skin, eyes, lips, and a little hint of colour on the face. For my base makeup, I alternate between radiance giving primers like Guerlain L’Or Primer, Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow, or Laura Mercier Primer Illuminating. They all are very lightweight, does not even feel like I am wearing some. I have been alternating between two tinted moisturizers, Sisley Paris Phyto Hydra Teint and Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer. Both are super lightweight and give a beautiful natural tint and radiance to the skin. Tinted moisturizers do work for me these days and I am not reaching out much for a foundation. When I am in the mood for foundation, the most I reach out for and my most loved during Summer is Nars Sheer Glow Foundation, Nars Tinted Glow Booster, or my forever staples Sisley Paris Sisleÿa Le Teint Anti-Aging Foundation and Cle de Peau Beaute The Foundation. Both give sheer coverage, are very lightweight, blends nicely, and most of all look very natural and imparts radiance.

Working from home luxury makeup

If you are more into skincare and still want a little extra radiance, I would suggest adding a few drops or a pump of By Terry Brightening CC Serum or the new ReviveSkincare Hydrating Radiance Oil into your moisturizer. By Terry CC Serum has been my staple for a few years now, it is one of those multi-tasking products that I can mix a pump with my moisturizer or even in a tinted moisturizer or foundation, and last but not the least it works alone very well. For an under eye brighter, I love Sisley Paris Stylo Lumiere, Cle de Peau Radiant Radiant Corrector for Eyes, By Terry Touche Veloutee, and Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away Concealer. I do wear sunscreen every single day.

Working from home luxury makeup

For the eye, I do wear eyeliner most of the days and I am good to go. Other days, I use a cream eyeshadow along with the eyeliner. My favorite eye pencils to line my waterline is Givenchy Khol Couture Waterproof, Nars high-pigment long-wear liner, and Marc Jacobs Highliner. For the cream eyeshadows, my favorites are Cle de Peau Beaute solo eye color, Surratt Lid Lacquer, Decorte eye glow gems, and Tom ford solo cream eyeshadows. If you are more into powder eyeshadows, my picks are Sisley Les-Phyto Ombre, Surrat Artistique eyeshadows, and Chantecaille Luminescent Eyeshades. If you are not into eyeshadow pots and more into cream eyeshadow sticks, my favorites are Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Shadow and By Terry Ombre Blackstar. Both are very easy to apply and are very practical, without any mess.

Working from home luxury makeup

For mascara, I reach out the most for Givenchy Volume Disturbia, By Terry Lash Expert Twist, and Nars Climax Mascara. My favorite eyeliners are Givenchy Liner Disturbia and Surratt Auto Graphique Liner. For brows, my favorites are Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil, Sisley Paris Phyto Sourcils Design, Rodial Microblade Effect Eyebrow Pencil, and Surratt Beauty Expressioniste Brow Pomade.

Giving a little hint of color to the cheeks is always my favorite part. My absolute favorite is Chantecialle Cheek Gelee in ‘Vibrant’ and Shiseido Minimalist Whipped Powder Blush in ‘Sonoyo’. For powder blush, I love Laura Mercier Color Infusion Blush in ‘Rose and Kir Royale’, Givenchy Le Prisme Blush in ‘Spice’, and Charlotte Tilbury Cheek to Chic in ‘Pillow Talk Intense’. I do love Nars blushes and have few blush palettes from Nars which work so beautifully on my skin.

As far as setting powders are concerned, they are not only to set the makeup but they work very well even to just apply after your skincare and depending on the powder and your skin concern – the powder can even out or blur the skin concerns, control the shine and oil on the face, make the skin look fresh and radiant. My favorite setting powders are Sisley Paris Blur Expert, By Terry Hyaluronic Acid Powder, La Prairie Skin Caviar Loose Powder, Laura Mercier Loose Powder, and Givenchy Prisme Libre Loose Powder.

Working from home luxury makeup

I know there are many who love to use face mist, like me. I do keep a face mist near me, basically on my work desk or in my bag if I am going out. I do use a face mist to set makeup sometimes and other times I just use it over my makeup to just even out the makeup or freshen it up. Face mist also works nicely to use during the day or as part of skincare routine depending on which face mist it is. I love using Sisley Paris Floral Spray Mist, Guerlain Parure Gold Mist, and Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist – they both work as the last step in makeup routine and also work to freshen up the face before applying serum in the skincare routine. Biologique Recherche L’Eauxygenante mist also is a great staple for me.

The bronzers I am never without are Givenchy Les Saisons Healthy Glow Powder and Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder. They are my most favorite bronzers with beautiful non-ashy natural and radiant finish. If you are more into liquid bronzers or bronzers that work on the body too, I highly recommend trying Instant Liquid Bronzer – By Terry Tea to Tan Face & body which is capable of giving you matte or radiant finish depending on your preference.

Coming to the lips, I do have few lip products I always reach out for – whether to nourish my dry lips or to impart some color to them. My favorite lip exfoliating products that I reach out the most for are By Terry Baume de Rose Lip Scrub and Henne Organics Lip Scrub. My staple lip care products are By Terry Baume de Rose, Givenchy Le Perfecto, Cle de Peau Lip Glorifier, and Sulwhasoo Essential Lip Serum Stick. When it comes to giving some hint of color to lips, I love using a high pigmented lip color on top of my lip care products. My staples that work with lip care products are Sisley Phyto Lip Twists and Nars High Pigment Lip Pencil.

I started this post to share few of my basics and ended up sharing some favorites too. Let me know what is your staple and if you share any favorite with me.

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