Dior Hydra Life is a complete skincare collection created to hydrate the skin using gentle, effective, naturally derived ingredients. It is an innovative beauty line with natural-origin active ingredients, in tune with the times, as minimalist as it is effective. Dior Hydra Life has 83% natural ingredients and new floral active ingredients since it was launched last year in 2017. It has caused a stir since then in all skincare lovers, no matter the type of skin. The formulas are purified of parabens and contain even less silicone than the last year. The new launches have fresh sorbet textures causing a high pleasure experience. It contains prebiotic to resynchronize the skin flora and actively performs its role in maintaining the skin health. The Dior Hydra Life has a new hydrating Sorbet Program along with two irresistible cleansers which I am going to talk about.

Dior Hydra Life skin care

Dior Hydra Life new Sorbet Program covers all the daily skincare needs of women and men too. The common theme of all Dior Hydra Life range is the iconic ingredients of Hydra Life, Mallow, and Haberlea extracts, which boost water circulation within the skin and stimulate skin flora responsible for its natural defenses. The 3-step Sorbet Program is all about preparing the skin (Balancing Hydration with 2-in-1 Sorbet Water), rehydrating (Hydration Rescue with Intense Sorbet Cream), and awakening the look (Cooling Hydration with Sorbet Eye Gel). The two new formulas for cleansing, suitable for every skin type, are Micellar Milk – No-Rinse Cleanser and 3-in-1 Makeup Remover. As this post is about my skincare routine with Dior Hydra Life, I will start with the cleanser and then follow the steps until the last step in my routine to hydrate and moisturize my skin.

Dior Hydra Life Triple Impact Makeup Remover

Dior Hydra Life 3-in-1 Makeup Remover (CAD $42 – 125ml) is a triple impact makeup remover which cleanses, soothes, and beautify the skin. Dior Hydra Life 3-in-1 Makeup Remover is a bi-phase solution that removes heavier makeup even on sensitive areas of the face. It has three star ingredients: Lily extract that helps make the lashes appear more beautiful, day after day. A licorice-based ingredient soothes the eye contour and a cleansing complex eliminates all traces of makeup.

Dior Hydra Life skin care

I have been using it regularly to remove my makeup and it works really well to remove the makeup, even the long-wear makeup, heavy duty kind of makeup. Do make sure to shake it well before using as I did not shake it well few times and it does make a difference, I felt a little oily on the skin after using it. After shaking it well, I apply it with a cotton pad and remove the makeup. It did not irritate my eyes or my skin. My skin does not feel any tightness or dryness after using this, it feels clean and hydrated. It is not just good for eye makeup but I have used it to remove all whole face makeup with this, it works well. Then I move to my next step, either double cleansing with my cleanser or if I am in the mood of using Micellar Milk for not very heavy or permanent makeup for the whole face. Or I sometimes remove my eye makeup with the 3-in-1 makeup remover and then for my face, I use the Micellar Milk.

Dior Hydra Life Micellar Milk – No-Rinse Cleanser

Dior Hydra Life Micellar Milk – No-Rinse Cleanser (CAD $49 – 200ml) is the first micellar milk to combine the cleaning power of micelles and the nourishing richness of milk. As sensitive skin prefers milk to micellar water, while oily and combination skin love more aqueous products, Dior Hydra Life achieved the feat of combining the softness of a milk and the performance of a micellar water in one formula. Dior Hydra Life Micellar Milk – No-Rinse Cleanser has a luscious and fresh texture that transforms from milk into water upon contact with the skin. It has two star ingredients: Natural-origin micelles trap the most stubborn makeup particles and rice milk proteins help prevent nutritional deficiencies within the skin, and stimulate and rebalance skin flora affected by cleansing. It is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive ones and is ideal for both face and eyes.

I use this Micellar Milk with a cotton pad, it is very creamy and smooth in texture. It removes the makeup pretty well, both from eyes and face. It is hydrating too, the skin does not feel right or irritated. My skin looks supple, fresh, nourished, and there is no greasy feeling.

Dior Hydra Life Balancing Hydration – 2 in 1 Sorbet Water

Dior Hydra Life 2-in-1 Sorbet Water (CAD $52 – 175ml) was developed in collaboration with the Dior Asian Innovation Center in Japan. Dior Hydra Life 2-in-1 Sorbet Water is fresh 2-in-1 beauty water that moisturizes and rebalances the skin. This product is designed to be used after cleansing the skin as the bare skin is both vulnerable and highly responsive. This crystalline lotion moisturizes the skin, strengthens its ecosystem and diminishes minor imperfections like dilated pores, shine, redness, and spots.

Dior Hydra Life skin care

Dior Hydra Life 2-in-1 Sorbet Water contains three star ingredients: Mineral powders which instantly minimize imperfections, the Fermented sugar which is a powerful prebiotic, stabilizes skin flora day after day, and Jasmine water which offers exceptional moisturizing power. I prefer applying this with cotton, but it works pretty well with hands too. I take few drops on my palms and then just press them into my skin. It did not make me break out or irritate my skin. My skin feels hydrated and soft, with regular use, I feel the texture of my skin is refined.

Dior Hydra Life Deep Hydration – Sorbet Water Essence

Dior Hydra Life Deep Hydration – Sorbet Water Essence (CAD $88 – 40ml) offers 3 actions in 1 single step: the ultra-concentrated moisturization of a serum, the radiance boost of a gentle peel and the toning effect of a lotion. It has a translucent blue liquid texture which offers a splash of freshness that instantly invigorates the skin. Deeply moisturized, the skin is smooth and clarified. The key ingredients include Mallow which deeply boosts aquaporin synthesis to invigorate water circulation, Haberlea leaf extract, as per Dior Science this is the first ingredient that is not only gentle on skin flora in its diversity but also, more importantly, stimulates the production of ingredients essential to its beauty. The natural fruit acids offer an extremely gentle peel for a delicate daily exfoliation of the skin. Dior Hydra Life Deep Hydration – Sorbet Water Essence is suitable for normal, oily, and combination skin types.

Dior Hydra Life skin care

I use it after the Sorbet Water and before the moisturizer or Intense Sorbet cream from the Hydra Life range. The serum applies nicely to the skin and sinks in quickly. I feel it works more than just giving hydration, my skin feels fresh, toned, and refined – making it look radiant and plump.

Dior Hydra Life Hydration Rescue – Intense Sorbet Cream

Dior Hydra Life Intense Sorbet Cream (CAD $82 – 50ml) is described as a multi-use rescue balm to comfort, nourish and strengthen the parched, uncomfortable epidermis with an incredibly lightweight butter texture. The can be perfect daily emergency skincare which acts on facial features like an intensive yoga session for the body, it soothes, softens, and strengthens. It has two star ingredients: Mallow butter which nourishes and strengthens skin barrier to keep water in cells maximizing its impermeability, and Chamomile extract which calms irritations. It also helps with skin redness, makes skin’s surface plump and smooth.

Dior Hydra Life skin care

It can be used in the daily skincare routine, and also as a night mask during periods of high sensitivity or when skin needs some extra care. It works great on dehydrated areas of the skin apart from the face, like hands, elbows, and knees. The texture of the cream is very smooth and creamy gel-like. It melts into the skin pretty well and makes the skin look fresh, plump, and smooth. Even for my combination skin, I do sometimes avoid too much moisture fearing breakouts and congestion but this is working pretty well.

Dior Hydra Life Cooling Hydration – Sorbet Eye Gel

Dior Hydra Life Sorbet Eye Gel (CAD $70 – 15ml) is described to deliver unique eye cube freshness to awaken the eye contour in the blink of an eye. This is just one in a kind of product I have used for a long time. The packaging and the product, they are both marvelous. The exclusive ceramic-applicator offers the effect of an ice cube to promote eye contour microcirculation The on-the-go format is very travel-friendly too. It is very much suitable to even the ultra-sensitive areas. It contains three star ingredients: Anti-inflammatory cornflower water instantly decongests the eyelids and puffiness, Micronized mineral powders illuminate and correct dark circles and Abyssinica oil is known to nourish, protect and strengthen the lashes and eyebrows.

I am seriously obsessed with the eye gel, it just melts into the skin and gives my tired eyes a really cool and fresh feel. The applicator and the product both work great together, my eyes feel relaxed and awake. I massage it into the eyelids, eyebrows, and temples, apart from working on the eye area, it relaxes and rejuvenates the area and the mind. I do notice the illumination it provides when applied and the area is moisturized and looks fresh and awake all day. I have been planning on keeping this eye gel in the fridge for the summer, it is cooling normally but would love some more cool fun in summer.

Overall, a nice range of products, very gentle yet effective. I am really enjoying using these products and would be great for all seasons. Hydration is the key, whether you have any type of skin, you need hydration and when the hydration comes with treatment like toning, refining, firming, and radiance, what else can you ask for more. Dior Hydra Life products are available at all Dior counters, Hudson’s Bay, BeautyBoutique by Shoppers Drug Mart, Nordstrom, Sephora, Holt Renfrew, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Neiman Marcus.

What do you think are your skin’s needs at this moment? Are you planning to pick anything from Dior Hydra Life? My must-haves are Dior Hydra Life Deep Hydration – Sorbet Water EssenceDior Hydra Life Hydration Rescue – Intense Sorbet Creamand Dior Hydra Life Sorbet Eye Gel. If you are looking for makeup removers, Dior Hydra Life Micellar Milk – No-Rinse Cleanser and the Triple Action makeup remover work really well.


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Givenchy has some amazing new launches for the woman, Givenchy Live Irrésistible Blossom Crush, Givenchy Dahlia Divin Eau Initiale which I have the details here. And here is the new launch for men called Gentleman Givenchy Eau de Parfum. In 2017, Givenchy created Gentleman Eau de Toilette, a fragrance brimming with contrasts and paradoxes, boldly blending strength and delicateness. The new launch Givenchy Gentleman Eau de Parfum is a hedonistic essence tailor-made for an enchanting night bird.

Gentleman Givenchy Eau De Parfum

‘Don’t Go With The Flow, Be The Flow’

Gentleman Givenchy Eau de Parfum, the fragrance family is Woody Floral Oriental. The notes are:

Top notes: Pepper & Lavender, Middle notes: Orris & Tolu Balm, Base notes: Patchouli & Black Vanilla

Gentleman Givenchy Eau De Parfum

‘It’s hard to resist the allure of this Eau de Parfum as mysterious as nightfall. At once in line with Gentleman Eau de Toilette yet entirely other, it offers the same olfactory signature while conveying a completely new personality. After composing the first fragrance, master perfumers Nathalie Lorson and Olivier Cresp imbued this new variation with the extreme sensuality of night. An explosive, almost raw sensuality that bursts forth from the very first spray. A caressing overdose of Iris Pallida. The wild voluptuousness of patchouli essence. The almost dangerous heat of black pepper. The dizzying sweetness of balms and black vanilla…Gentleman Eau de Parfum is deliberately disturbing and definitely addictive.

Gentleman Givenchy Eau De Parfum

The Gentleman Givenchy bottle is an emblem of authentic coolness. And because this new Eau de Parfum seems to originate from the night itself, it has donned an opaque, lacquered black evoking total darkness. A single sliver of light, the bottle’s transparent underside makes the fragrance appear as if suspended in glass, reminding us that dawn is never far away.. And since the Eau de Parfum is a rich and eruptive fragrance, its unique black bottle is now immortalized against a backdrop of an explosion of gypsophila rather than a single sprig. British Actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson embodies the new Givenchy Gentleman in a timeless black and white advertising campaign.

Gentleman Givenchy Eau De Parfum

The fragrance is very nice masculine fragrance, well-composed, wears close to the skin. To me, it is a straightforward fragrance, I smell all the notes. It does incline more towards unisex, very enjoyable, not overbearing or heavy. It will be great for all seasons, spring, winter, and fall. Gentleman Givenchy Eau de Parfum is available at Hudson’s Bay, Sephora, and Shoppers Drug Mart from May 9th, 2018.

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Masks are a game changer for the skin if you are using the right one for your skin’s needs. I am very diligent with my skincare routine in the morning and evening, the reason is the way my skin looked a few years back and the difference I have seen in my skin since then. It was my skin at its worst, my hormones were exploding through my skin after delivering my second child and it continued for over a 4 months period, there was nothing that was working and my face was a mess. I had consulted my doctor, dermatologist, and all the home remedies, the only thing worked was my patience and being consistent with the products I was using targetting the need of my skin at that time. With my experience and testing a whole lot of products, masks have their own importance, they are actually really important part of either weekly or bi-weekly maintenance of your skin targetting the major concerns. I do agree that the products you use every day are the major active workers on the skin, but then to have those extra benefits and outcome from those products, you need to see the broader picture, to maintain what is already there. I can target my congestion by using a serum or moisturizer targetting blemish prone skin but on the other hand, I do need my anti-aging, my dark-spot treatment, my brightening products. So mixing and matching all those to create and maintain that beautiful skin is so important. If you have a story of your skin like mine, let me know and we can talk more about it. In this post, I am going to recommend, yes I am already recommending them even before I have even introduced the products, because they have given me instant as well as long-lasting results since almost over two months I have been using them, bi-weekly. I am talking about Sisley Paris Radiant Glow Express Mask and Sisley Paris Phyto-Blanc Ultra Lightening Mask.

Sisley Paris Phyto-Blanc Ultra Lightening Mask and Sisley Paris Radiant Glow Express Mask

Sisley Paris Radiant Glow Express Mask

Sisley Paris Radiant Glow Express Mask is described as a cleansing mask with red clay which immediately leaves the skin with a radiant glow. The absorbing power of the clay, in combination with plant extracts (carrot, red vine, and rosehip) and essential oils (rosemary and chamomile), helps to eliminate impurities that dull the complexion while deeply cleaning the skin. The texture of the Radiant Glow Express Mask is soft, supple, and non-drying and does not create a pulling sensation on the skin. Within 3 to 5 minutes, skin is left clean and radiant. The key ingredients include Red Vine to tone, Carrot to revitalizes and hydrates, Plant Glycerin to hydrate, Chamomile (essential oil) to soothe, Rosemary (essential oil) to cleanse and stimulate, White Clay to absorb excess sebum, Red Clay to absorb excess sebum, Rosehip to protect from oxidative stress.

Sisley Paris Phyto-Blanc Ultra Lightening Mask and Sisley Paris Radiant Glow Express Mask

For anything with clay, you might think of it to be drying or for oily skin, but this whole mixture of ingredients is nothing like that. I have been using this bi-weekly and I have seen instant results after using this mask, and those results are not for a short period of time or for a day, I fell and notice them for a longer time. My skin is toned, smoothed, and radiant. My skin looks even and fresh. I apply a thick layer of this mask on my face and neck, avoiding the eye area. I let it stay for a little over 5 minutes and then rinse thoroughly with water, and that’s it, I get fresh, radiant, beautiful, even-toned skin in just 5 minutes. It is perfect for even the days you are running late or have a tight schedule, it is recommended to be applied for 3-5 minutes which is like drinking a cup of coffee while the mask in on. The mask is great for the mornings as well as evenings, just before the party or a full day of work, when you are feeling a little dull or you need an instant brightening shot for the skin.


Sisley Paris Phyto-Blanc Ultra Lightening Mask

Sisley Paris Phyto-Blanc Ultra Lightening Mask is enriched with natural plant extracts and essential oils, thoroughly cleanse the skin while visibly lightening the complexion. The synergistic combination of lemon extracts, Scutellaria, and white mulberry, which have lightening properties, evens out the complexion and gives it back its radiance and transparency. The key ingredients include White Mulberry and Scutellaria Extracts to help lighten the complexion, Lemon Extract to unifies the complexion and tone the skin, White Clay (Kaolin) to absorb and remove excess sebum, gently cleanses and dislodges surface impurities, Phytosqualane (derived from Olive trees) to moisturize and soften the skin, Vitamin E to reinforce the skin’s natural defenses, Essential Oils of Lavender and Marjoram to quickly diffuse active ingredients, purifying and balancing action.

Sisley Paris Phyto-Blanc Ultra Lightening Mask and Sisley Paris Radiant Glow Express Mask

I usually use this mask on its own and other times use it for multi-masking, pairing with the Radiant Glow Express Mask. Every time I get breakouts, hormonal or due to stress, they leave dark spots on my face that do take a really long time to fade away. So anything with good ingredients and lightening is all yes for me. Along with lightening my dark spots, I need something that avoids more breakouts too. Just want to mention here that the lightning mask is not just about lightening your skin, but to even out the skin, giving a more smoother, purified and moisturized skin. I keep this mask on face for over 10 minutes. Every time I use this mask, my skin looks so beautiful, radiant, and bright from within. I can notice the difference almost instantly and it stays on for next few days, I do use the products and re-use the mask as in the application instructions to maintain the results. I do notice it works on keeping my skin clear and calm.

Sisley Paris Phyto-Blanc Ultra Lightening Mask and Sisley Paris Radiant Glow Express Mask

Overall, I am very impressed with these two masks and highly recommend you guys check them out. I would never want to be without these, actually, I do want to check more masks from the brand, they work and they work so well. Sisley Paris Phyto-Blanc Ultra Lightening Mask and Sisley Paris Radiant Glow Express Mask are available at Holt Renfrew, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Nordstrom.


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AllEven London Colour Shield – Hydrating Tinted Protection (US $80 – 200ml) is a new high-performance body concealer that offers unrivaled year-round skin perfection with visible elegance. This new luxury skin perfector AllEven London Colour Shield – Hydrating Tinted Protection is an advanced hybrid body concealer that hydrates, veils, and protects the skin. It was conceived by supermodel Celia Forner with top International scientists to bring this world-class innovation to the beauty world debuting with color shield, the first of its kind to use color to enhance skin’s resistance to sun damage and aging while perfecting its appearance at the same time. Harnessing botanical ingredients and state-of-the-art technology, Colour Shield delivers ‘smart’ pigments that instantly adapt to individual skin tones appearing natural any time of the year.

AllEven London Colour Shield

Ever since Makeup Artist Sir John Spilled the product that helped Beyonce looked so flawless from head-to-toe at Coachella, this product has become the most sought-after body concealer. Colour Shield is a luxurious second-skin anywhere you need, anytime you want. A multi-tasking body concealer that instantly hides all skin imperfections, Colour Shield is a fine cosmetic veil delivering:

  • Airbrush perfection in a fine mist
  • A sunless glow with sun protection
  • A lightweight foundation with anti-aging benefits
  • A tinted moisturizer with perfect coverage
  • A matte, velvet-like finish and no sticky or white residue
  • A quick-drying formula that forms a mineral barrier for skin protection and hydration with a maximum transfer, water, and rub-resistance
  • Easy and accurate continuous mist-on application
  • Airbrush-like, Ozone Friendly

AllEven London Colour Shield

AllEven London Colour Shield is suitable for all skin types including sensitive and dehydrated and is available in three shades, Ivory, Sand, and Amber. There is a unique combination of ingredients in AllEven London Colour Shield: Coralline Red Algae and Diathomeus Clay ( mineral complex that protects cells from the effects of IR, VIS & UV light), Titanium Dioxide(provides UVA & UVB protection with SPF20), Melanin-Activating Peptide(stimulate skin’s own natural protection), Correcting and Special Effect Pigments( offer tone-adapting coverage, reflect light, blur and even out skin tone), Advanced Colour Pigments (offer maximum coverage with lecithin coating to increase adherence to skin & prevents pigments from absorbing water), Lipid Plasma Compound (uses Sunflower Seed Oil, Spent Grain Wax, Shea Butter Extract & more to provide relief to sensitive skin, reduces redness and itching, & provides long lasting hydration), and is formulated without Parabens, Sulfates, and Phthalates.

AllEven London Colour Shield

AllEven London Colour Shield – Hydrating Tinted Protection – Amber

The swatch of shade Amber above is suitable for medium to deeper skin tones. The shade Sand is more suitable for my skin tone which is medium tan.

AllEven London Colour Shield - Hydrating Tinted Protection sand

AllEven London Colour Shield – Hydrating Tinted Protection – Sand

To use AllEven London Colour Shield,

  • You can apply all over the body or in a specific area you wish to beautify.
  • Spray from a distance of 20cm. Spray using a continuous motion and in short bursts of 2-3 seconds. Remember to shake the spray frequently between bursts.
  • Before getting dressed, let the product dry for 1-2 minutes and use your hand to check that it has dried to form a perfecting veil over the skin.
  • Removes easily using water and your normal body wash.

The product is really easy to apply and the mist is very fine and sprays evenly. It is a super lightweight aerosol airbrush body concealer. And, clearly, it works hard and lasts for a long time. It literally looks like your skin is HD, airbrushed without it being too obvious, feels like you are wearing nothing on the skin, it looks so natural and blends in to seamlessly. It does make the skin look fresh and youthful, blurs imperfections and gives a luminous finish. It can be used on the whole body and even on the face to set makeup or to give an even-toned, air-brushed finish. The other great thing about this product is it’s waterproof and it doesn’t transfer, even with the sweat. I am definitely looking forward to the flaunting those beautiful dresses with deep backs and short lengths.

AllEven London Colour Shield – Hydrating Tinted Protection is available at Skinstore.com, CultBeauty.co.uk, Josh Wood Salon, and ALLEVEN.com

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With Spring, all I can think of is florals everywhere, the bright and beautiful, full of life and colors. In this post, I have two new fragrances for women from Givenchy for the spring and summer in this post, Givenchy Live Irrésistible Blossom Crush, and Givenchy Dahlia Divin Eau Initiale.

Givenchy Live Irrésistible Blossom Crush

Givenchy Live Irrésistible Blossom Crush (CAD $113 – 75ml) is a new fragrance for 2018 from the house, a new edition of Live Irrésistible from 2015. The fragrance is a beautiful mix of fresh florals – rose and peony with bittersweet aromas of cocoa beans and musk. The nose behind the fragrance is Dominique Ropion.

Givenchy Live Irrésistible Blossom Crush

From the official description, Live Irrésistible, Givenchy’s most joyful fragrance, boldly sings the praises of joy in its purest form. Its latest variation, Blossom Crush, is a sparkling and irresistibly charming Eau de Toilette that advocates spontaneity as an asset and freedom as power.
Just like its unpredictable heroine, Live Irrésistible Blossom Crush is an astonishing floral bouquet. It reveals an abundance of fresh, delicate petals of roses and peony with a twist of the cocoa bean, the unexpected ingredient which tinges the fragrance with a bittersweet note for an immediate crush.

Adorned with the Givenchy House’s trademark studs enhanced with a luminous mauve hue, the slender facetted bottle is a fresh and modern remedy against the blues.

With Live Irrésistible Blossom Crush, delicateness turns into impertinence, and the crush becomes love at first sight. Eau de Toilette Musky Floral Fresh, Bouquet of Peony and Rose, Cocoa Bean, Musk.

To me, this is more of a young sparkling fragrance for spring, fresh and delicate. I smell peony first when I spray it, the next is rose, the mix is both fresh and a little sweet, please note that it is not overly sweet. The cocoa note is subtle. So basically what I am getting is floral and musk which I am liking this season. The fragrance stays on well for over 6 hours on me and I love the feeling and smell of it in the spring and summer days. Imagine a flowery flowy dress and this fragrance, perfect combination.

Givenchy Live Irrésistible Blossom Crush is available at Shoppers Drug Mart from May 1, 2018.


Givenchy Dahlia Divin Eau Initiale

Givenchy Dahlia Divin Eau Initiale is a new fragrance, a new edition of Dahlia Divin and Dahlia Divin Eau de Parfum Nude which is one of my favorite fragrance and reviewed here. Givenchy Dahlia Divin Eau Initiale (CAD $113 – 75ml) is a floral woody musk scent which is very pleasant and elegant. The top notes of the Givenchy Dahlia Divin Eau Initiale are bergamot and blood orange, the middle notes are magnolia, and the base notes are musk and sandalwood.

 Givenchy Dahlia Divin Eau Initiale

From the official description, Dahlia Divin introduces the new Eau Initiale. The aura of a dawn full of promise. A new beginning echoing the origins of time. A fragrance that captures the divine-like power. The delicate perfume of a natural goddess, experiencing the blooming of a new, exquisite day. A fragrance designed around the magnolia, one of the earth’s first flowers. Thousands of fresh jasmine and rose petals give this fragrance its crystalline sparkle that is dressed in the sensual, magnetic elegance of woods and musk, as sublime as refined as a Givenchy Haute-Couture gown. A divine force, Dahlia Divin Eau Initiale is a delicate and sensual temptation that lures others closer. Made for a goddess who can’t help but shine, this empowering perfume creates a radiant aura of sophistication. Its fresh and sweet composition succumbs to her need for a fragrance to match her enchanting spirit. Blood orange and bergamot pour themselves over a white floral core of magnolia and jasmine. In the fragrance’s final moments, a creamy base of sandalwood and musk is revealed for a warm and exquisite dry down.

For me, it is a beautiful fragrance for women who dream to succeed and for women who are all about power, elegance, simplicity, and sophistication. I can totally wear this to my meetings and work appointments. The Blood Orange and bergamot blend really nicely together, and give a nice citrusy scent with a hint of sweetness. I get the hints of magnolia mixed with the top notes after some time. The musk and sandalwood give a nice base, make it a warm natural skin scent.

Givenchy Dahlia Divin Eau Initiale is available at Hudson’s Bay from April 21, 2018. Do you spot any favorite notes? Let me know which one of both fragrances do you like and would love to try.

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