Dior Lip Sugar Scrub is described as an exfoliating and nourishing stick with grains of sugar that melt away, for incredibly soft and naturally rosy lips. I have dry or I should say dehydrated lips that flake frequently. I love lip products that are hydrating for my lips and do not cause flaking, whether it is a lipstick, lip gloss, lip tint. I have used few lip scrubs before like the ones from Sara Happ and Fresh which both I still like. I have the Dior Addict Lip Glow that I bought a few months back and use it consistently for hydrating my lips with an extra benefit of nice tint. I purchased a backup of it a few weeks back and then I got this lip scrub along with lip tattoos to try and review. I am a fan of Dior Products and let me tell you, this is a new favorite lip scrub. I have used it few times before writing this review and I am happy with the results. This does give a natural rosy tint to the lips and makes my lips more comfortable without drying. Whether it is your face or your lips or even a painting(speaking from my artist side, yes I love painting), you need a perfect base to start with, and for lips, this is indeed one of the best I have tried.

Dior Addict Sugar Scrub, Dior Lip Tattoo

This lip scrub can be applied alone or as a first step before applying the lipstick. I apply this lip scrub generously from the stick and rub the grainy texture between my lips to rehydrate and nourish the dry skin of my lips. It has a very sweet addictive scent which does have the qualities and benefits of both a lip balm and a lip scrub. I like the natural rosy color it gives to my lips. The packaging of this lip scrub is almost the same as the Dior Addict Lip Glow which is very beautiful, the product is housed in a silver tube and the plastic cover is light pink and closes with a click sound. I like the luxurious feel and look of this lip scrub. It retails for CAD $41 excluding taxes.

Dior Addict Sugar Scrub

Dior Addict Lip Tattoo is the first long wear lip tint by Dior which is described to have a comfortable formula which is weightless and does not transfer. The color of this lip tattoo fuses to the lips like a tattoo once you apply it on the lips. The packaging of this lip tatoo is very cute and the product side of the packaging is the same color as the product inside and the applicator side is of silver color. The foam applicator included in this product is really nice and comfortable to use.

I was sent the shades Natural Pink – 881 and Natural Berry – 771 and have been using them almost daily since last week. So here are my bits on it. I applied them straight with the foam applicator and it is easy to apply. It looks shiny when it is wet and then it just fuses with the lips, I mean you are not able to tell if you applied anything to your lips or it is your natural lip color. For me, both Natural Berry and Natural Pink worked well. With Natural Pink, it gave me a pretty pink tint, as I mentioned no one could say I applied something on the lips, just beautiful rosy pink lips. I am a fan of Berry shades and I believe they suit my medium tan skin tone much better, so this Natural Berry looked great on me, the tint looked natural and fused well with my lips.

 Dior Lip Tattoo

With trying and testing, I am now more into the makeup that enhances my features and does not make me something else. These both tints are nice and the staying power is really good for around 5-6 hours on me and I do eat and drink regularly with them on. And one more thing, they do taste sweet, yes I did taste them. And I think otherwise the staying power is really well. These lip tattoos retail for CAD $36 excluding taxes.  These lip tattoos are created in a total of six shades by Peter Phillips which range from beige to raspberry, to flatter and enhance any lip color.

Dior Lip Tattoo

The Dior Addict Sugar Scrub and Dior Lip Tattoo are available at all Dior Retailers and related .com sites.


Do you know about this new trend of lip tattoos? Have you tried any lip tattoos yet?

Dior reinvented volume with Dior Diorshow Pump ‘N’ Volume Mascara this year and this is the Mascara you need for that extra volume you desire. This Mascara has a squeezable wand means a fully loaded brush for an instant extreme volume for the lashes.  The technique here is to pump the soft tube, which will coat the brush and soften the creamy, rich formula inside for a perfect fresh application every time. Doesn’t that sound amazing and interesting too? This is the advancement and innovation we have in today’s world, I am so impressed with this one. I was born and raised in India and I remember my mother and grand mother used to have home made eye kohl which had some really good benefits for eyes and she made it fresh after an interval of time.

This Mascara has a special bounce effect brush which is sturdy and the bristles are supple enough to bounce and load the lashes in a single sweep, no clumps just volume.  The creamy, dense, volumizing formula of this Mascara is due to the main ingredient which is exclusive to Dior and is called elastic Bouncy Powders which does last for a good amount of time whether you just opened a new tube or just finishing one.

“The idea was to make the impossible, possible—to create very thick lashes without clumping, as I can do backstage. By pumping, you soften the formula and get a creamy volumizing effect that creates really rich lashes.” as described by Peter Philips, Creative and Image Director for Dior Makeup.

For me, I have a nice length of eye lashes and most of the time, I do not apply Mascara and if I do, I need a very gentle single stroke so that my eyes do not look very different from my face. Being a woman doing my full-time job in a conservative office area, I do prefer a natural look with my formal clothing. Whether it is my makeup or any other thing, I try to keep things simple. First of all, I loved the concept of squeezable Mascara and looking at the brush, I could see how little and dense the bristles are and they are going to give some nice volume. I have been applying it for a few days now in very light single stroke and it gives me such a natural volume, like my lashes are that thick or I would say ‘My lashes but better’. It enhances the beauty of my lashes and not makes them look different.

This Mascara retails for CAD $37 excluding taxes and is available at all Dior Retailers and related .com sites.

What is your favorite Mascara?

Media sample kindly provided, all opinions are my own

The Dior Glowing Nude Diorskin Nude Air Illuminating Powder which was a limited edition highlighter is one of my favorite highlighter’s which I love and use a lot. For 2017 spring Dior released luminizers in four shades which are permanent and I could not be more thrilled. The Diorskin Nude Air Luminizer is described as “light as a breeze” and contains a high concentration of illuminating pigments in a shade that can be adapted to any skin tone. Isn’t that cool? It melts into the skin perfectly and gives a glow that is very luminous natural glow. There are four shades and each shade will look different on you depending on skin tone, I was sent shade 004 – Bronzed Glow for review. Also, just to mention here that each shade looks different in the pan depending on how the light falls and reflects on the compact. It adds a nice kind of glow to the skin without being overly shimmery.

The shade 004 is also really gorgeous and I am so excited to have this shade. Highlighters are an important part of my life and when they are this beautiful and look so stunning, it makes the day better! This highlighter is really beautiful, whether it is the packaging or the product inside, it is so perfect. It has an embossed surface which I was afraid to touch first ( the feeling you used to get in the childhood when you yourself does not want to play with your favorite toy fearing it may get dirty or it will stop working  🙂 ).

I tried taking the photos and swatches of this highlighter both in direct sunlight and in the shade so that you can see how much difference the light makes.

The packaging of this highlighter is fairly sturdy, the same silver compact as the Dior Glowing Nude Diorskin Nude Air Illuminating Powder  and it comes with a protective soft pouch and mini kabuki style brush for application. The brushes are well made and usable and are perfect for on the go.

Overall, I am in love with this highlighter and I am so much looking forward to going to beach or an outing to wear this highlighter. The shimmer and finish of this highlighter are very beautiful and they can also be used on the cheeks, eyes or even eyes wherever you want that beautiful focus and light. I did not experience any irritation or making my skin look dry or the emphasize the pore size. It looked very natural and truly melted into the skin perfectly. 004 is a unique color and looks like such a soft dewy bronzy glow on my medium tan skin tone. Dior Diorskin Nude Air Luminizer retails for CAD $68 excluding taxes and is available at all Dior retailers and websites.

If you have medium to tan skin tone, I would say 004 is must for you.


What is your favorite highlighter?


Belif is a herbal cosmetic brand which combines the traditional approach of treating the body and mind to maintain the skin’s ideal condition using natural herbs with the brand’s safe and innovative extracting method. This is a brand which combines the nature with science, getting the benefits of the herbs through innovative extracting methods which does retain and enhance the original benefits of the herbs used. It leverages the knowledge of traditional herbal processing method which was discovered by British Herbalist since 1860 to create a cosmetic line to create products that are near to nature and are efficient.

I was sent these products for review purposes and I have used them on and off since last month.

I will start first with the Belif Transforming peel off mask which is a gentle exfoliating peel mask. This peel off mask works very gently to exfoliate and remove the dead skin cells from skin, making the other treatments or products work better. The main ingredients of this mask are a lemon balm and white willow bark. White willow bark is a natural salicylic acid which helps soothe and clarify skin. It is advised to be suitable for all skin type and for my combination skin with hormonal breakouts, I do find it really soothing when I have breakouts. I apply a thin layer of this mask on my cleansed face in the evening and leave it for almost 15 minutes or until the mask becomes dry. Then I rinse off with lukewarm water and it is very easy to remove, no stickiness or difficult to remove. Then I use my treatment serum followed by night cream or moisturizer. This mask is formulated without Parabens, Sulfates, and Phthalates. Overall this is a nice mask and I feel my skin to be clear and my pores are minimized. This mask retails for CAD $39 for 50 ml, which last a very good time.

Belif Hungarian Water Essence is a very lightweight hydrating serum that may be called essence too due to the lightweight formulation. The main ingredients include a blend of apothecary herbs rosemary and lavender which have hydrating and detoxifying properties. The texture of this serum is very lightweight, almost like water. I have used it on my face after cleansing and toning and do not see much difference. As it is summer here, and it is very lightweight, it may be doing something that I do not feel. Due to the ingredients, I feel it may have long term benefits but I do not see much on the skin as of now. This serum is formulated without Parabens, Sulfates, and Phthalates. Overall, it is a very lightweight hydrating serum – an essence which may be really good for oily skin types. It retails for CAD $51 for 75ml excluding taxes.

Belif Cleansing herb water is a hypo-allergenic, moisture rich cleansing water. The main ingredient in it is Tri-herb Tea Complex which helps to keep skin fresh and clear without leaving any oily residue. It is suitable for sensitive skin types. If you are following me for sometime, you will know how much I like cleansing balms/ cleansing oils and how much I am a fan of double cleansing. I do not use cleansing waters generally but to review this, I did use this quite a lot. I use this cleansing water as a first step of my makeup removal and I take it as my first cleansing. I moisten a cotton pad with this cleansing water and sweep across the face. It does remove my makeup including the eye makeup, I usually do not use any waterproof eye makeup so can not comment on that. It did not cause any irritation and was gentle. Then I followed with my second cleansing.  This water is formulated without Parabens, Sulfates, and Phthalates. This is a nice cleansing water and does the work it is designed to do. Belif Cleansing herb water retails for CAD $29 excluding taxes.

Belif Bergamot herbal extract toner is a toner to be used after cleansing the skin. The main ingredients of this toner are bergamot and sage which help clarify and balance the skin. It is advised to be suitable for normal to combination skin types. The texture of this toner is very light gel and does feel very light when applied. I use it after cleansing my face and then use this with a cotton pad and sweep it over my face avoiding the eye area. I do feel my skin is hydrated and feels soft after using this. This toner is formulated without Parabens, Sulfates, and Phthalates. Belif Bergamot herbal extract toner retails for CAD $34 excluding taxes.

Last but not the least is my favorite, Belif The true cream – aqua bomb which I have reviewed in a separate post linked here. This is my second jar of this cream and I must say it is not the last. I use it morning and night and gives me a nice glow with or without any makeup. It does keep my skin very soft and supple without any oiliness. The gel-cream is very refreshing and is suitable for all skin types and best suited for normal to combination skin types. I do get breakouts time to time and this has been a staple. I use this cream after my serum and before my sunscreen or makeup during the day and as the last step during the night skin care routine. This cream is formulated without Parabens, Sulfates, and Phthalates. This cream retails for CAD $47 excluding taxes.

All the Belif products are available at Sephora, and on the Belif Canada website.

Dior Diorskin Forever Perfect Makeup Everlasting Wear Pore Refining Effect with SPF 35 is the new foundation from Dior which gives a flawless complexion and gives a luminous matte finish. This new formula of the foundation is enriched with the Poreless Effect Skincare Essence ( the same as in the Dior Diorskin Forever Compact) which refines the skin’s texture when used regularly. It is always nice to have both skin care and makeup in a single product. This foundation is available in wide variety of shades, to be precise 24 shades so that everyone can have their own based on their skin tone.

The formula of this foundation is a combination of two “wear-lock” polymers that applies on the skin in a stretchy veil as a second. The first polymer, Acrylic Polymer, sets the texture and pigments and the second polymer, hydro-formulated polymer adds flexibility to the makeup firm. The foundation sets into the skin with a very comfortable wear without any tight sensation. This foundation stays on well for 16 hours as per the assessment was done on a number of women. The Poreless Effect Skincare Essence in this foundation provides skin care benefits and helps rebalance the skin by refining its texture and softens the imperfections. There is Activ-MatTM Complex in this foundation which gets activated upon application to the skin and helps control the shine. There are mattifying and soft-focus powders in the formula which give a perfect complexion correction with no mask effect.

It is advised to be used with finger tips on a well-moisturized face with a light hand or It can be used with the Dior fluid foundation sponge applicator.

I was sent this foundation for review purpose and I have used it every day since last week. I was sent shades Beige Almond – 034 and Beige Desert – 035. I have a medium tan complexion with yellow undertones for your reference and the shade Beige Desert – 035 matches very closely to my skin tone. For me, the shade Beige Almond – 034 can be either mixed with Beige Desert – 035 or may be worn alone in winters, I have to see that when winter comes and my skin is back to its original tone.

First of all, the packaging of this bottle is really classic, love the glass bottle, the pump and the cover of the foundation with CD symbol. The glass bottle is heavy and feels very luxurious. As you know, I prefer luminous dewy finish and so I tried this foundation both with and without a brush. I want to mention here that it dries very fast when applied on the skin. I applied this foundation on my well-moisturized face with my fingertips and loved the results, luminous matte flawless finish and no accentuation of lines or dryness. Also, I used this with my liquid foundation brush, I pumped out a little foundation at a time straight onto the brush and applied on my face, it did work well this way too. Just to remind you again, I applied very little at a time as I mentioned earlier that it dries very fast, don’t forget.

It does have a very faint scent in it which I like. The coverage of this foundation is light to medium and is quite buildable to full. The finish did look very natural luminous and not very matte, ‘velvet matte’ is the right word to describe. For me, it lasted very well for over 14 hours and more than that if I would not have washed my face before bed. I did use Diorskin Forever Concealer under this and they both paired very well. I used the Diorskin Forever compact as the finishing powder. I must say these three products do work very well together.

Dior Diorskin Forever Perfect Makeup Everlasting Wear Pore Refining Effect with SPF 35 retails for CAD $64 excluding taxes is available at all Dior retailers and their sites including Sephora.

What finish do you prefer for the foundation? What is your favorite foundation?

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