IMG_20170122_132416_001Winter is all about moisturizing and caring for the skin, whether it is dry, dehydrated, oily or combination, from the weather as well as from the heating systems inside which deprive the skin of the much needed moisture. I love a good moisturizing mask, i am not saying i need it to do 100 things but at-least it should do what it is meant to do. I bought this moisturizing mask from Tata Harper in preparation for the winter season and here i am with a review after using this on and off for last 4 months and still have few uses left in it.

As per the Tata Harper website ” This rich mask, powered by our proprietary Moisture Molecule Complex, provides ultimate hydration and moisture to even the most dehydrated, stressed skin. Helps replenish lost moisture, delivering a dramatically replenished look and restoring a dewy luminosity for the look of youthful cushion.”


I did not bought this because my skin is dry but for some extra hydration for my combination skin  which is more of dehydrated during winters. I was expecting some stunning results from this mask as i have used and loved the Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask. So i have used this product for atleast 4 month and in every possible way, as a 15 minute mask and as a overnight treatment. I must say the moisturizing part is okay, like i didn’t wake up with oil on the skin or any plump or glow as it claims. I used 2-3 pumps every other night after cleansing my face. And the days when i used this as a mask, i followed with a serum, few drops of my face and moisturizer.


Every time i open the bottle of this mask, it feels and smells of natural ingredients, the smell somewhat similar to the Purifying cleanser, but not in a nice way. Apart from all these extra details, the main point is if this mask, keeping in mind the high price point of it, did something extra ordinary as claimed. I must say, i did not notice or felt anything extra than just moisturizing and that too i didn’t feel much because i had to do my full skincare routine including mixing few drops of my face oil with my moisturizer to get that glow and hydration. This mask retails for $150 CAD for 50ml which is too much for a moisturizing mask and did nothing extra ordinary than my other masks. (By the way, i am loving few samples of hydrating masks from Nuxe, Clarins and Bobbi Brown)

Have you tried this mask, did it work for you?

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Spacenk USA

Spacenk UK

According to Dior, “Diorific Matte Velvet Color Lipstick is an easy-wearing matte whose secret lies in its unique use of an exceptionally soft and velvety micronized silicon powder. The “powdery” silicon smoothes color with no streaking while striking a subtle balance between hold and comfort. Unlike traditional matte makeup, this formula continuously moisturizes lips without drying them. Finer, sheerer and less opaque, Diorific Matte radiates color with a subtle velvety finish.”

I ordered this lipstick once it became available online from The Hudson’s Bay. There were four colors launched for December 2016 and I wanted to buy Fascination and Charm but Charm sold out quickly. I wanted something both classic and suitable for my skin tone and plum is always a safe bet. Fascination 880 is a classic plum shade.

First of the all, the packaging is so gorgeous, the lipstick is enclosed in a golden metallic casing which has beautiful round ends and some lined detailing in the middle. It looks and feels very luxurious.

The formula for this lipstick is full coverage, smooth and flawless. This matte has a very soft texture which feels very light on the lips. They give a very subtle luminous sheen to the lips.  The lipstick does have the regular Dior lipstick scent. I am totally in love with this one and this is going to be my staple during fall and winter.

What is your favorite lipstick for fall and winter?

Marc Jacobs Beauty products have been on the top of my wishlist, whether it is their makeup or the blushes. I am slowly and steadily building up my collection from this brand. Marc Jacobs is a well-known name when it comes to fashion and now for Beauty also. I am always looking to have the products that work well as well have a nice quality, so that is natural for me to be drawn to Marc Jacobs Beauty. Marc Jacobs Beauty Air Blush Soft Glow Duo is available in 5 shades and I picked up Marc Jacobs Beauty Air Blush Soft Glow Duo in Flesh and Fantasy from Sephora. It is so beautiful that I could not control myself to click pictures first and then touch it, you will see in the pictures I have already dipped my brush into it.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Air Blush Soft Glow Duo Flesh and Fantasy

Marc Jacobs Beauty Air Blush Soft Glow Duo ( CAD $57) is described as an innovative powder blush duo palette with two shades for customizable color that delivers foolproof radiance all day. This blush is infused with Japanese air powder for the perfect cheek look. Air Blush is created using a process called soufflage, means air-whipped in French, for a silky-soft, cream-like texture that blends effortlessly with the complexion. The unique striped pattern on this blush is inspired by Marc Jacobs dress.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Air Blush Soft Glow Duo Flesh and Fantasy

The blush is very lightweight and very easily blendable. The light shade is meant to highlight and the darker shade is for adding color to the cheeks, I prefer to swirl my blush in both the shades and then apply on the apples of my cheeks. It gives a really natural and radiant effect to the cheeks.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Air Blush Soft Glow Duo Flesh and Fantasy

The staying power of this blush is amazing, I do not have to worry about it the whole day for around 7-8 hours. If I go a little heavy handed, it still blends in so nicely. I picked up the shade 506- Flesh and Fantasy which is a medium peach and the result of both shades mixed together is radiant peach shade which looks very natural on my medium tan skin tone. The product is buildable and in my opinion, will suit most of the skin tones. The packaging of the blush is so luxurious, sleek black case with button closure.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Air Blush Soft Glow Duo Flesh and Fantasy

This is one of my favorite blushes at the moment and I do not see it going anywhere from my favorites list anytime soon. Marc Jacobs Beauty Air Blush Soft Glow Duo Flesh and Fantasy is available at Sephora Canada.

guerlain happy glow blush

Guerlain Meteorites Happy Glow Blush and Highlighter

Blushes are always my weakness and when they are pink with a gorgeous packaging, i can not resist. This is Guerlain Spring 2017 limited edition blush. The packaging and the product inside, both looked marvelous online and i placed an order with hesitance. And i do want to mention the name of this blush again “Happy Glow” and i love these both words.

guerlain happy glow blush

Guerlain Meteorites Happy Glow Blush and Highlighter

This is a powder blush with highlighter that imparts radiance to the complexion with a blend of pearly pigments. The blush has a sheer coverage and the finish is matte and imparts radiance to the area. That means it is safe to use during the work days. I have to consider this fact before buying any makeup that the products should be office friendly, off-course few exceptions i do not mind.

The pressed pearls of powder in this blush does Colour Correction and the stardust technology for a soft-focus perfecting halo gives Radiance which is tailored to every skintone. This blush does have a delicate violet fragrance which is not very heavy. I have used this blush with light hand and with heavy hand, and it totally looks natural and glowy on my medium pale skintone.

As per Sephora website, “Kate Somerville Age Arrest hydrating Firming Mask is A firming and hydrating mask to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, increase skin firmness and elasticity, and significantly moisturize skin.”

Age Arrest Mask

I put this mask twice a week after cleansing, toning and treating my skin with a serum. I do not use this product as a 10-15 minute mask but as an overnight leave in treatment(sleeping mask is the right word). I have noticed it irritates my eyes when i apply it near them, so i do not apply it near my eye area, but i do skip an eye cream when i use this mask. I apply a thick layer of this mask on my face in the evening. Before going to bed, i massage the unabsorbed part of it into the skin. I have tried washing it off after 10 minutes but see more better results if i leave it on during night.

Kate Somerville Mask

It has very sanitary packaging with a pump dispensing the perfect amount, i usually take 2 pumps for my face and neck. I have been using retinoid products, and using this mask every two days has helped me keep away from flaking, although i always use some hydrating finishing moisturizer every night. The smell of this mask is light and pleasant and it sinks in nicely. I have noticed that the thick layer i use for this mask, it do spreads to the eye area and also towards the lips, maybe i need to lower the amount i use 🙂

I have loved all the products i have used from Kate Somerville and this is one of them. I am also using the Age Arrest Anti-wrinkle cream from Kate Somerville, which i will review soon.Comparing both of them, this mask is 60ml for $90 CAD, and the Age Arrest Anti-Wrinkle Cream is 50ml for $105 CAD, both are a perfect option for winters. I do not feel a lot of difference in both except this mask seems more hydrating.

Have you guys used this mask?

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