Being a regular user of essences and oils in my skincare routine since last few years, I can feel from within and can see it that my skin is healthier inside out. I always have a soft corner for oils, whether they are for face, hair, or body. I feel they are closer to nature and thus my body and the skin understands them better. In my skincare routine, I wash my face, use essence, a serum, eye cream, and then comes the face oil followed by the moisturizer. This routine includes few steps but I must say they are worth it. I take few drops of the oil and rub them between my hands and pat them on my face. Then I lock that moisture and oil benefits with a layer of moisturizer over it. And my skin has been glowing and healthy since I started this routine few years back.  I hope you do not think that oils are not for the face but if you still think that then you are missing something very important, let me know and I will plan a separate post on that topic. Now, coming to the main topic here. Decorte Vitality Tincture Soft-Oil Infusion Essence is a new addition to my skincare routine and I am so glad that it has been doing wonders for my skin.

Decorte Vitality Tincture Soft-Oil Infusion Essence

Decorte is a Japanese brand which is based on the philosophy understand nature and help to bring meaning and holistic viewpoint to life. Based on the ancient practice of Eastern Medicine and complemented with techno-innovation science, Decorte works with nature and the body’s natural rhythms to help skin perform better. The star and heart of the Decorte skincare products is Vi-Fusion which is a proprietary complex that strengthens, regenerates, and empowers the skin on multiple levels. The core ingredient in the Vi-Fusion line is the Onsen Water. Onsen Water comes from the geothermal volcanic waters that infuse skin with magnesium, potassium, sodium, and other vital elements in micro-sizes that won’t stress the skin or cause inflammation.

Decorte Vitality Tincture Soft-Oil Infusion Essence is described to have the ultra-nourishing oils from the Baobab, or Tree of Life. This multi-functional Vitality Tincture™ saturates skin with moisturizing oils, essential in times of dehydration, extreme cold and life changes that can destabilize its balance. It is plumped with vital moisture to improve skin function, skin stays calm and soothed, looks healthy, lifted and glowing.

Decorte Vitality Tincture Soft-Oil Infusion Essence

To use Decorte Vitality Tincture Soft-Oil Infusion Essence, I shake the bottle which has a bi-layered formula to activate its vital benefits. I use it after my serum or sometimes straight after cleansing and toning. I do follow with my moisturizer after using this essence oil. The texture is not very thick, more like an oil but it does absorb very fast into the skin. So it does look like an oil but does not leaves any residue or oily feeling after using it. It has a subtle uplifting scent which I like. It has been good under my makeup too when I am using it in my daily routine. Now comes the results and my experience, I have been using it since last month under my moisturizer, 3-4 drops are enough for my face. As the weather was changing last month, more of the fall and now it is winter, this has kept my skin glowing and healthy. As I have combination skin, I do experience flakiness and dehydrated skin during these months but not this year. My skin looks moisturized, glowy, but not oily. I experienced no breakouts or irritation while using it. Been using face oils and essences for years and after trying so many brands and skincare lines, this is a keeper for me. I would totally recommend you to check this out if you have dry, combination, normal, or oily skin.

And yes if you are thinking of Kate Moss in the pictures above, She is the global brand ambassador of Decorte and Decorte Vitality Tincture Soft-Oil Infusion Essence is her favorite product from the line. Decorte Vitality Tincture Soft-Oil Infusion Essence is available to be purchased at Saks Fifth Avenue, Decorte Cosmetics, and Selfridges.

*DISCLAIMER – This is a press sample sent to ‘The Velvet Life’, all views and opinions are 100% honest and based purely on my own experience.