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Fresh has launched newly scented hand creams with scents of Honey Suckle and Citron de Vigne called Fresh HoneySuckle Moisturizing Hand Cream and Citron de Vigne Moisturizing Hand Cream. The formula is highly nourishing and creamy. It is formulated with a trio of emollient butter that helps retain moisture while protecting against dryness to keep hands silky soft and smooth. The hand cream absorbs quickly without leaving any residue or sticky feeling. The scent gives a nice uplifting vibe and experience.

Fresh - New Scented Moisturizing Hand Cream

The skin on hands is often neglected but it does show the first signs of aging.  It is important to care and protect hands from environmental as well as dehydration factors. Hands are physically the most used parts of our body, but we usually forget to moisturize and care for them as much. Fresh Moisturizing hand creams contain cupuacu sal seed, and shea butter to help hydrate and promote suppleness.

Fresh - New Scented Moisturizing Hand Cream

I take the cream in my hands and massage then throughout the day after washing my hands. My skin on my hands looks healthy and nourished. As Winter is already here, a good hand cream can change the way you think and look at your hands.

Fresh Moisturizing Hand creams(CAD $18) are available at Sephora and