Shiseido has amazing new launches this year and I am sharing two of the new launches from fall which not only look beautiful and bright packaging wise but also something I have been using for last few weeks, I am pointing to Shiseido’s Waso range that targets the Millenials – The new additions are Eye Opening Essence and Poreless Matte Primer.

New Shiseido Waso Eye Opening Essence and Poreless Matte Primer - review

WASO Poreless Matte Primer is an instant corrective primer inspired by Japanese wasabi, it helps minimize the appearance of pores and mattify shine. Just a small drop helps makeup stay put all day long. Fresh and rich in nutrition, the Wasabi-Inspired Complex in this primer brings out the best of your natural skin. Similar to wasabi, which draws out the flavour, this Poreless Matte Primer enhances the look of skin by making pores less visible, for beautifully matte skin that stays shine-free for hours. The formula hydrates skin at the same time does not make the skin feel dry. The skin is evened out on the surface of the skin while making pores less visible and soaks up extra sebum to allow the skin to be comfortably dry and free from shine, and ready for makeup. It did not break me out and is comfortable on this skin.

To use: Before putting on makeup, squeeze a small amount of the product onto a fingertip and thinly apply it to the T-zone and other parts of the face with visible pores and shine. To enhance its effectiveness, apply again over foundation by lightly patting it on.
For touch-ups, reapply by lightly patting it on without rubbing.

New Shiseido Waso Eye Opening Essence and Poreless Matte Primer - review

WASO Eye-Opening Essence is Momijioroshi-Inspired Complex for brighter under-eyes. Just a pinch of this beauty essence instantly defines and enhances the eye area, similar to the way momijioroshi brings out the flavour of a dish. This essence make the eyes look clearly defined and revitalized with essential vitamins, instantly addresses dark circles, dullness, and puffiness to quickly treat the area of the eyes prone to everyday strain. The beauty essence has a snow-like light fluffy texture inspired by Momijioroshi, with moisture-rich jelly droplets that impart a cooling sensation soon after application.

To use: Squeeze a small amount of the product onto a fingertip and apply to the eye area with a gentle, massaging touch
・Gentle yet effective formula for all skin types including sensitive.
・ Non-comedogenic, Dermatologically tested, Ophthalmologically tested, Oil-free, Paraben-free

Shiseido products are available Shiseido.caHudson’s BayMuraleBeautyboutique by Shoppers Drug Mart.

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