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Givenchy L’Autre Noir 2017 Autumn-Winter Collection is called as a journey into L’Autrenoir (‘the other black’ in french) which means a shade of black that is anything but dark. From black, color is born. Nicolas Degennes, the mind behind this collection, says “My new collection is lit up with black. A deep and sensual universe that electrifies colors with no additional matter and accentuates your natural radiance. In a revelation, black – L’Autrenoir – gives life and colors rhythm.”

I was sent this press kit for Givenchy L’Autre Noir 2017 Autumn-Winter Collection this week and I have used and tested the products for few days before writing this post. This collection is so interesting, beautiful and a celebration of Black, in a fundamentally positive way, which is a color present everywhere even in colorless things.

The must have of this collection is the Le Rouge Sculpt Lipstick which is Givenchy’s first two-toned lipstick and it offers color and contour in a single stick. The key points include: it restructures the lips with a single stroke, its sculpting volume enhancing effects reshape the smile. The lips are adorned with a luminous shade, while the darker graphic contour perfectly reshapes the mouth. This comes in five color combinations, each featuring a vibrant inset shade highlighted by its own structuring shadow. This contour shade of the lipstick is enriched with a revealing black made from eosin to bring out the inset.

This lipstick has all the qualities of the Le Rouge range. It has a creamy texture for a comfortable semi-matte finish, with very concentrated pigments to ensure maximum coverage. IT does include beeswax and Hyaluronic acid to build up the volume and moisturize the lips. The fragrance in this lipstick is the same as the original Le Rouge. The shades available are No 1 Sculpt’in Rouge, No 2 Sculpt’in Violine, No 3 Sculpt’in Fuchsia, No 4 Sculpt’in Corail, No 5 Sculpt’in Rose.

I was sent the shade No 1 Sculpt’in Rouge. From the swatch of the lipstick, you might think how it will look on the lips and if looks very odd or different from a normal lipstick on the lips. When I first saw this lipstick, I thought how these two colors will work and look on the lips, and when I used this, they look so beautiful on the lips. They mix up really well on the lips. The outer contour shades define the mouth and the inner red shade gives the color. The result is a really beautiful amalgamation of the two shades giving me nice red moisturized plump lips. I don’t see any hints of the brown but only red on the lips, which means they mix up really well. I would say this works very well if you don’t even use a lip liner. I am a fan and wish to buy the other 4 shades in this limited edition range. This Le Rouge Sculpt Lipstick will be available exclusively at Sephora for CAD $45 excluding taxes.

Noir Revelateur Lip Liner in No 12 Universal is used to mark the contours of the lips and it is designed as to ensure better hold by preventing feathering. This can be used both as a top coat or the base coat based on the intensity you need. It helps reshape the lip contour and also when used with Le Rouge Sculpt, it accentuates its visual effect. It does help build volume and the lip contour to be more smooth and defined. The black in this lip liner slowly diffuses while intensifying the lips natural color. This retails for CAD $35 excluding taxes.

Gloss Noir Revelateur is housed in a black an ultra shiny, non-sticky formula which creates a ‘dark eosin’ film with a vinyl effect and the natural pH of the lips is awakened. When applied alone on the lips, it creates a very nice just-bitten look. When applies over a lipstick, it accentuates the color’s depth and boosts shine.

It does leave a very nice tint on the lips when applied alone. The product stays on for 3-4 hours with shiny lips and then the tint stays on for 5-6 hours which is what I like about it.

As you see in my swatch on the arm, it gives a light brownish pink on my arms, so it does changes color based on the undertone and the pH of the skin. This retails for CAD $38 excluding taxes.

Blush Noir Revelateur is a black colored blush in a black shiny tube. The black formula contains eosin which reacts with skin’s pH to reveal a pinkish tint based on your skin tone. The color this blush imparts to the skin will be very personalized and natural for the particular skin tone used on. The formula contains a volatile oil which retains mattifying powders and a silicone elastomer, both of which come into play once applied on the skin, there is no greasiness on the skin.

The texture of this blush is light and powdery. I have used this blush and it accentuates the pink of my cheeks which does look very soft, natural and beautifully romantic. The staying power is quite well for around 7-8 hours on my cheeks. From my swatch, it gives a lilac kind of color on my arms, on the cheeks, it is different as I mentioned above. This retails for CAD $43 excluding taxes.

Liner Vinyl No. 6 Rosy Black has a fine brush which can be used to create both a finer or a bold line. The packaging is very sleek and beautiful with a shiny black case. The black hue of this liner is very shiny and the fluid texture makes it very easy to use. The formula contains a generous amount of highly luminous white pearlescent particles having a mix of pink and purple reflections.

The swatch shows how finer the brush is, it is very easy and fun to use. The color looks really beautiful on the eyes with shiny reflections of purple and pink. It stays on well for over 6 hours and retails for CAD $39 excluding taxes.

Ombre Couture No 20 Rosy Black is housed in the signature little glass jar with a black cover having the Givenchy logo. This product also has a generous amount of highly luminous white pearlescent particles having a mix of pink and purple reflections with a creamy deep hue.

The texture is very fine, smooth and supple with just the right amount of silicone making the application very easy. This gives a brilliant purplish black color to the eyes and stays on well for over 7 hours without creasing or smudging off. It retails for CAD $32 excluding taxes.

Base Mascara Perfecto is Givenchy’s very first product with a tender pink texture for the lashes. The tender pink outside the packaging is the same color that the product inside is. The product has a creamy pink texture which contains natural waxes that coat the lashes in order to optimize the volume of mascara. The formula contains some very nice ingredients that help strengthen and protect the lashes. The brush is very innovative. The black fibers separate the lashes, coating them one by one with texture while the white fibers made of natural cotton makes the application very easy and a pure pleasure.

Regarding the application, it is advised to use the mascara immediately after using this primer so as the get the best volume. Also, it can be used on both upper and lower lashes. Due to the great ingredients in this product, it can be used day and night. By day, it means before the mascara during the day and for the night, it can be used as a night treatment for the lashes. It is a detox beauty treatment for lashes containing the beeswax and carnauba wax that help them strengthen and comfort. This is really a great product and I really love the effects. This does help with the staying power of the mascara. This retails for CAD $37 excluding taxes.

Noir Interdit is the first Givenchy mascara with a bendable brush that can reach 90 degrees for optimum application. This mascara comes in sleek contemporary design with sheath lacquered in extreme black and adorned with a metallic ribbon stamped with the Givenchy Logo. The sheath inspired by those of Rouge Interdit and Rouge Interdit Vinyl Lipsticks.

The next generation black pigments in this mascara provide extreme volume and length. The design of this bendable mascara brush makes it easy to apply closer to the eye, right from the roots to the lengths.

The bendable brush helps with the vertical movement on the lashes easy and effective. As in all the creations in the Interdit line, Black Rose Oil is combined with a fortifying Vitamin helps protect and strengthen the fibers while giving a silky smooth look. This is a really great product and retails for CAD $38 excluding taxes.

The Givenchy L’Autre Noir 2017 Autumn-Winter Collection will be available in Sephora from 3rd August 2017.

What do you like the most from this collection?

Givenchy Very Irresistible L’Eau en Rose was launched in spring of 2014 and was dedicated to the queen of flowers – Rose. As in the name of this perfume, the main ingredient of this fragrance is the Rose and this was developed with minimalist composition. This has been called as a universal fragrance for women and suitable for all occasions year around. The nose behind this fragrance is Carlos Benaim.

I bought this fragrance last year and as you can see from the pictures, I have used it a lot. I really like using this more in the spring and summer as opposed to year-round. The top note of this fragrance is BlackBerry, the Middle note is Rose and the base note is Musk. It is very feminine, striking, and comfortable to wear.

This perfume is both classic and modern all at once. It has a sweet warm rosy scent without smelling like pure roses, it has more of a fresh and innocent feel to it. Choosing a perfect rose scent can be difficult sometimes, based on the composition and how the fragrance radiates back once applied to our skin, it can smell different on different people. This fragrance has a simple composition but how it manages to reflect the scent from your skin can be different.

As described in fragrantica, “The composition is bold and bright with pronounced notes of roses in the background of musk. Juicy and fruity blackberries surround the heart of rose, giving it liveliness and sparkle, while a gentle cloud of cotton-like musk gives tenderness and sensuality in the base.”

I have loved this fragrance since I first sniffed in store and bought it. This fragrance lasts on me for around 5-6 hours and that is fine for me. This is a good option for you if you like flowers, especially roses and do not want to smell like a bouquet of rose by very classic, fresh and airy feel of roses.

Do you like flowery fragrances? What is your favorite rose scent fragrance?

I am reviewing this very beautiful Healthy Glow Powder from Givenchy in a special floral edition which I bought last week to start off my birthday month. Nicolas Degennes, the creative director of Givenchy, was inspired for the spring collection this year by the delicate flowers called gypsophila, or baby’s breath. These are one of the most beautiful, sweet and delicate flowers which look very beautiful in the interiors as well as exteriors.

Givenchy spring collection 2017 is called Gypsophila Les Saisons and as with every luxury makeup collection, there is one absolute must-have product. The showpiece of this year’s Healthy Glow Powder in the special limited edition Healthy Glow & Body Bronzing Powder floral. Givenchy describes this powder as a weightless bronzer that creates a powdery veil on your skin, which gives you the feeling of an infinite kiss of the sun. The packaging has, therefore, the terms “long lasting radiance ‘and’ totally weightless”.

Sephora describes this powder to impart a sun-kissed complexion with Healthy Glow & Body Bronzing Powder. Encased in an oversized compact with a mirror, this talc-free powder lets your skin show off in its best light year round—while always looking fresh and radiant. Formulated with innovative technology, Givenchy reinvents the nude makeup look and healthy-looking glow, thanks to a formula that provides color without texture.

I will talk about the packaging first, which is really drool worthy. This has a black, shiny, big square box made of quality heavy plastic. The top of the box contains a rose gold dotted edge and the Givenchy logo. I find this box alone worth the price ( maybe that’s too much, hehe).

This packaging has a fairly large square mirror where I can see my face. And on the opposite side is the bronzer which is SO BEAUTIFUL! It includes a 3D floral pattern of delicate flowers so that the powder gets a magical aura. I would never want to use it, would you? In sunlight, I see a very fine gloss and tiny golden shimmers on the bronzer. The color is called no 2, Douce Saison and is the only color in this collection. Normally, I prefer bronzers which are a bit darker than my normal shade, but this color is good and buildable into a color that is perfect for my skin tone.

The undertone of this bronzer is a bit peachy-soft brown, giving a very natural, sun-kissed color and a beautiful, subtle sheen to the skin.The texture of this powder is very soft and one can feel how finely ground it is. In facts, it is not even a real powder, because the formula contains a new technology in which the formula is ‘baked’ gel that transforms into a powder when you apply it on the skin. This technology has been used by various high-end brands these days in most the products like eyeshadows, powders. This composition and technology make this bronzer very easily blendable and buildable providing the skin with the most natural bronze and glow.

I am really very pleased with this Healthy Glow Powder from Givenchy. It does look very luxurious and so does the quality of this bronzer, you should certainly have a look at this.

This limited edition bronzer is available at Sephora and retails for CAD $78 excluding taxes.

Do you use a bronzer? Which is your favorite bronzer?

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