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I am a fan of the Guerlain Lingerie de Peau foundation, reviewed here, since the last few years and it is one of my go-to foundation for everyday use. Guerlain L’Essentiel Natural Glow Foundation is one of the new launches which I have been so intrigued to try this year. Since the first look of the unique foundation bottle surfaced online, it has really created an impression of uniqueness and luxury from the house. The word ‘glow’ in the name of the foundation is another plus-plus for me, I am all about the natural glow, dewy skin.

Guerlain L'Essentiel Natural Glow Foundation

Guerlain L’Essentiel Natural Glow Foundation is described as a foundation made with 97% naturally-derived ingredients with a natural glow finish that lasts for 16 hours. The formula combines makeup with skincare benefits of hydrating, balancing, and protecting the skin from pollution. The unique design of the bottle by world-renowned designer Mathieu Lehanneur symbolizing the subtle art of balance.

Guerlain L'Essentiel Natural Glow Foundation

Guerlain L’Essentiel Natural Glow Foundation has a creamy texture that blends easily into the skin and looks very natural after application until the end of the day without caking or breaking. The formula is pigmented and one and a half pump is enough for me to have even more than medium coverage. It blends nicely with my fingers, brush, and even a sponge. I do like it better with the brush launched along with the foundation called Guerlain L’Essentiel Retractable Foundation Brush. The finish is radiant glowy skin and after a few minutes, it is more of dewy finish which I am obsessed with.

Guerlain L'Essentiel Natural Glow Foundation

For my oily areas on the face – basically my nose and forehead, I use loose powder with a very light hand. It stays put all day with or without finishing powder. The pump bottle is really nice to work with. The finish looks very natural, like healthy supple radiant skin. With the skincare benefits in this formula, I am very positive it is keeping my skin in balance now and for the future.

Guerlain L'Essentiel Natural Glow Foundation

The primer base I prefer under the foundation is the Guerlain Abeille Royale Youth Watery Oil, reviewed here, which I religiously incorporate in my skincare routine, I am on my third bottle, it is that good. The combination works great to give the flawless radiant finish that lasts for over 10 hours on my skin. The foundation does work well with other Guerlain primers I have tested it with –
Guerlain Blurring Active Base and Guerlain L’Or Radiance Concentrate with Pure Gold.

Guerlain L'Essentiel Natural Glow Foundation Abielle Royal Youth Watery Oil

Guerlain L’Essentiel Natural Glow Foundation is available in 30 shades and I have swatched all the shades of the foundation below.

00N – Porcelain

00C – Porcelain with cool undertones

00W – Porcelain with warm undertones

01N – Very light

01C – Very light cool

01W – very light warm

02N – light

02C – light cool

02W – light warm

03N – Natural

03C – natural cool

03W – natural warm

03.5C – beige cool

03.5N – beige

3.5W – beige warm

04N – medium

04C – medium cool

04W – medium warm

04.5N – amber

04.5C – amber cool

4.5W – amber warm

05N – honey

05C – honey cool

05W – honey warm

05.5N – deep

05.5C – deep cool

05.5W – deep warm

06N – very deep

06C – very deep cool

06W – very deep warm

For my medium skin tone with golden undertones, the closest match to my skin tone in Lingerie de Peau is 4N as I think 4W was a bit too yellow for me. I have swatched the Lingerie de Peau with the L’Essential Natural Glow Foundation in 4C, 4N, 4W. I am using 4N for both foundations, means you can easily shade match from Lingerie de Peau to the new L’Essential foundation.

Guerlain Retractable foundation brush is also designed by Mathieu Lehanneur. The design is ergonomic and makes the application of the foundation a very pleasant and gentle ritual on the skin. It goes nicely on all the areas of the face, sides of the nose, eye contour. I did not experience any streaking or demarcation lines for a natural make-up finish. I have washed the brush a few times, easy to clean, and there has been no shedding. The innovative retractable sleeve protects the soft, synthetic fibres.

Overall, I am really impressed by the formula and finish of this foundation. This foundation is absolutely worth checking out. Guerlain Beauty Products and Home Fragrances are available at Guerlain Boutiques, Hudson’s BayShoppers Drug Mart, Saks Fifth Avenue, Sephora, and Holt Renfrew.

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I know I might be late to share about this candle on the blog, I had so many requests on more details on this candle since I shared it on my Instagram stories. The good thing is this candle is still available on all major retailers I have mentioned at the end of this post. Guerlain brings its expertise in perfume to the art of living with a collection of scented candles that stir the senses and brings unequaled emotion, Guerlain Winter Délice Christmas Candle is one of them.

Guerlain Winter Délice Christmas Candle

‘A warm break by the fireside during long and cold winter evenings. Nostalgic memories of the gourmet aromas of gingerbread and candied fruits. Comfort from the crackling fire, refreshed by the green notes of the pine needles, an evocation of contrasts of this festive season.’

Guerlain Winter Délice Christmas Candle

Giselle Balosso has reinvented the iconic Guerlain Bee with this limited-edition candle that celebrates the 190th Anniversary of the House. The size of the candle is 6.3 oz. The fragrance is Spicy Oriental, Gourmet, Cocooning, and festive. The notes are below:

Head notes: Armoise
Heart notes: ginger bread
Back notes: Patchouli

Some tips to use the candle: During the first use, wait until the wax is evenly consumed, all the way to the edges, before extinguishing the candle.
The wick must always remain centered. If necessary, trim it to about 0.5 cm, straighten it and center it. It is ideal for perfuming your bedroom or living room.

Guerlain Winter Délice Christmas Candle

The packaging as you see in the pictures is beautiful, be it the outer package with the ribbon or the candle jar, perfect for gifting a loved one or for yourself. The candle jar has a heavy glass jar, dark in color. The scent to me is woodsy, smells like a fir tree and reminiscent of the holiday season. It is a gorgeous candle that will look good in any room.

Guerlain Beauty Products and Home Fragrances are available at Guerlain Boutiques, Hudson’s BayShoppers Drug Mart, Saks Fifth Avenue, Sephora, and Holt Renfrew.

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To celebrate the end-of-year season, Guerlain has created the fairy universe to discover an enchanted collection, where every detail is a wink to the House symbols. Also, this year Guerlain celebrates its 190 Anniversary, so we can call this an anniversary collection as well. Guerlain is one of the houses I always look forward to when it comes to the limited edition collections or the new launches. Despite the fact that I have all my staples sorted from the brand which I never want to be without but still I just can not keep my excitement and love for the new products and collections contained to myself. You might have already got the glimpse of the products in my Instagram posts, finally sharing the details and my thought here. I have two products from Guerlain Holiday 2018 Collection to share in this post, Guerlain Météorites Electric Pearl and Guerlain Limited Edition Electric Look palette, both of which are worth checking out if you are a makeup lover and if you are a collector like me, these are must-have. A collection which is elegant as well as sophisticated in the true nature of luxury.

Guerlain Holiday 2018 Collection

Guerlain Météorites Electric Pearl

Les Météorites has been redesigned for Guerlain’s 190th anniversary into a new Limited Edition palette of colors that add radiance and warmth to all the complexions. All nestled in a golden anniversary case for the festive season. The golden tin looks beautiful for this time of the year and so is the iconic pearls inside, giving the warmth and glow to the skin.

Guerlain Holiday 2018 Collection

The pearls have a delicate violet fragrance that’s addictive and inimitable. Born of expert craftsmanship, the Meteorites hold the secret to Stardust Technology. Diamond powder encapsulated in microspheres that create a brilliant blurring halo.
Météorites Electric Pearl comprises 4 iridescent pearls that harmoniously blend to create a pure, corrective halo of radiance tailored to your complexion. A subtle harmony of gold and copper pearls counter a dull complexion while champagne and white pearls reflect the light and illuminate the face with a halo of endless radiance. This extra-soft powder smooths the complexion to create a soft feeling.

The product is smooth and weightless, blends into the skin like a second skin, giving the most beautiful radiance and effect of youthfulness. I do adore the original Meteorites and have them in my makeup routine for years now and as with the limited edition collections of Meteorites, my collection is growing.

Guerlain Holiday 2018 Collection

To use Guerlain Météorites Electric Pearl, Using the special Météorites brush, designed to capture just the right amount of powder, evenly apply Météorites Electric Pearl to the entire face, to set your make-up and improve its hold.

For boosted radiance, highlight the curved areas of the face: draw a G from the middle of the forehead to the top of the cheekbones and from the bridge of the nose to the tip of the chin.

Guerlain Holiday 2018 Collection

Guerlain Limited Edition Electric Look palette

Guerlain has created a festive Limited Edition Electric Look palette featuring a harmony of 10 shades ranging from matte to metallic to be mixed and matched on eyes and cheeks. The “Wet & Dry” shades enable you to create an array of stunning looks by playing with the color intensities and reflections. The 8 eyeshadows and the 2 highlighters will electrify your festive look.

Guerlain Holiday 2018 Collection

The palette has an elegant slim black compact packaging. It also comes with a full-sized mirror on the inner lid as well as 3 small brushes that are perfect to use for on-the-go. The eyeshadows range in texture from matte, satin and shimmery, while the two highlighters can suit a broad range of complexions and can even be mixed together to create an entirely new shade.

Guerlain Holiday 2018 Collection

The formula is pigmented, blends effortlessly. All the shades work well to create sophisticated as well as glamoured looks this. The staying power of the formula is nice as is the look. To use, apply the eyeshadows alone or layered, dry for a natural finish or wet for a shimmery effect.

Guerlain Holiday 2018 Collection is available at Guerlain Boutiques, Hudson’s Bay, Shoppers Drug Mart, Saks Fifth Avenue, Sephora, and Holt Renfrew.

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