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Okay guys, as asked by many of you about what I bought from the spring Sephora sale and promotions, I have the roundup of my haul below. I have purchased some new products and some products are repurchases. I usually stock up on my favorite body care products and then I have my skincare favorites. For most of the other things, I have been avoiding to buy keeping in mind the number of products I have been testing and do not want to have their shelf life over before I get to use them. Few products I ordered last week during the Sephora VIB Rouge exclusive days and they reached me last Monday. Other things I went to the store to pick up. I have divided the post into four sections and due to the nature of the last minute post request, I have tried to click the pictures as clear as I could.

My Sephora Haul - April 2018


For skincare, I am very choosy in my cleansers and have been wanting to try something specifically for my congestion and hormonal acne that flares up few times in a month and leaves those marks for many more months to come. I have used Kate Somerville Exfolikate cleanser and now bought the Kate Somerville Eradikate Cleanser along with the Kate Somerville Eradikate Solution. I opened these both products last week the same day I got it, I have been using them every day and like them both. I will review them in detail in my upcoming posts. Another cleanser I was eyeing since last few months was from La Mer, I bought the La Mer Cleansing Foam for the summers and I have high hopes for it. Perricone Md Nutritive cleanser is a repurchase, I really like it, never dries me out but makes my skin clean and fresh. Another product from Perricone Md I bought is the Perricone Md Chloro Plasma, it is everything you need for detoxifying, cleansing, anti-aging, and what not. I will keep you guys posted on how I like it. Tatcha Lip balm was also on the wishlist for a long time, finally splurged.

My Sephora Haul - April 2018


For Bodycare, there are mostly the repurchases. Loccitane has been my go-to brand for the body products for many years. I purchased my backups for Loccitane Shower Oil with Almond Oil, Loccitane Lavender Shower Gel, Verbena Body Lotion, Loccitane foot cream for dry skin, Loccitane hand cream for dry feet. Kopari coconut melt is a favorite of mine, for myself and also for my kids, it is so gentle and so hydrating. Fresh Brown Sugar Body polish is a repurchase for the coming season, I need all the exfoliation and glowing skin for the spring and summer dresses.

My Sephora Haul - April 2018


For haircare, I have loved the Drybar The Chaser Shine Cream I purchased last year during the Sephora sale. I wanted to try more from the brand, so got this Drybar Hot Toddy heat and UV protectant for hair. Olaplex has been on all social media and magazines, I had to buy this one, as my hair needs some extra care as they are dull, damaged, falling and I am getting aged obviously. Bumble and Bumble tonic lotion have been in my stash since some time, wanted to buy the invisible oil but I suspect it would be heavy for my medium hair, so got this Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible OilHeatt/UV protecting primer.

My Sephora Haul - April 2018


For makeup, I really controlled myself into not overspending as there are many products which I am testing and some which I purchased during the last sale and didn’t get a chance to use. I got my backup of the Tatcha Luminous dewy mist, Tatcha blotting papers, Beauty Blender. Bobbi Brown foundation stick is a cult favorite, so I wanted to try it since last year. Marc Jacobs Omega Bronzer I bought last year but I gifted it to a friend, so got one for myself now. I have not tried anything from Agave yet, so got the lip kit which has deluxe sizes of lip balm, lip scrub to try out the brand.

My Sephora Haul - April 2018

Two more things I bought are from Surratt Beauty which I am most excited for, the brushes. I did not click the picture as I opened them last week and they were in my brush case. I will click the pictures and post on my Instagram in this week. I will keep you guys posted on the products which I have not reviewed on the blog before, whether they are repurchases or first time buys.

I tried to give you a quick round-up of the products I purchased from Sephora this month. Did you buy something from the Sephora sale or are you planning to? Which products from my Sephora sale would you like to hear about first or want me to review first?


As per Sephora website, “Kate Somerville Age Arrest hydrating Firming Mask is A firming and hydrating mask to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, increase skin firmness and elasticity, and significantly moisturize skin.”

Age Arrest Mask

I put this mask twice a week after cleansing, toning and treating my skin with a serum. I do not use this product as a 10-15 minute mask but as an overnight leave in treatment(sleeping mask is the right word). I have noticed it irritates my eyes when i apply it near them, so i do not apply it near my eye area, but i do skip an eye cream when i use this mask. I apply a thick layer of this mask on my face in the evening. Before going to bed, i massage the unabsorbed part of it into the skin. I have tried washing it off after 10 minutes but see more better results if i leave it on during night.

Kate Somerville Mask

It has very sanitary packaging with a pump dispensing the perfect amount, i usually take 2 pumps for my face and neck. I have been using retinoid products, and using this mask every two days has helped me keep away from flaking, although i always use some hydrating finishing moisturizer every night. The smell of this mask is light and pleasant and it sinks in nicely. I have noticed that the thick layer i use for this mask, it do spreads to the eye area and also towards the lips, maybe i need to lower the amount i use 🙂

I have loved all the products i have used from Kate Somerville and this is one of them. I am also using the Age Arrest Anti-wrinkle cream from Kate Somerville, which i will review soon.Comparing both of them, this mask is 60ml for $90 CAD, and the Age Arrest Anti-Wrinkle Cream is 50ml for $105 CAD, both are a perfect option for winters. I do not feel a lot of difference in both except this mask seems more hydrating.

Have you guys used this mask?

Buy here:



Yes, i heard about Kate Sommerville from Caroline Hirons and i am happy i did. I have been using this serum every night since the last 3 weeks and totally in love with it and the way it makes my skin feel. Now, giving some background on my skin condition, i have a combination skin with hormonal breakouts.

Since my delivery 7 months ago with Baby no 2, my skin was real bad with big giant painful hormonal acne over my jawline, i still have pictures of my face at that time and will surely dare to share it here some day. So, the acne cleared up with much of my effort (which i will share in my upcoming posts) but my skin looked very dull and dehydrated. I was searching for some Vitamin C product for my spots since long time but was not in hurry to buy one so that to give my acne time to heal up. Finally, after a lot of search and backed by reviews from lots of people online, i splurged into this product, and another co-incidence was the launch of Kate Sommerville Skincare at Sephora Canada.


This is a costly serum around CAD $108 for 30ml of the product. It comes in a nice bottle with 2 chambers, one has 10 percent vitamin C and other has youth-enhancing bioactive omegas 3, 6, 9, and 7. Both chambers have pump and product from both pumps need to be mixed before applying.


What it has really helped me is with my pigmentation and spots from my hormonal acne, has improved my skin tone and radiance. I started noticing the difference in the overall skin appearance during my first week of its use. I never noticed any dryness or sensitivity on my skin but i was very diligent to use sunscreen during the day. It is totally worth the price and i am planning to buy one more to keep it as my backup.


I do not use it every night of the week but i miss it for a day or two and swap it with some hydrating serum. My night routine with this serum involves:

1. Double Cleansing(if i am wearing makeup or sunscreen during day, otherwise just single cleansing)

2. Acid Toner

3. Hydrating Toner, usually a spritz toner

4. One my face is dry, i apply my Eye cream

5. Then, i take two pumps from each chamber of Kate Sommerville Mega C Dual Radiance Serum into my palm and mix them with my finger, then apply it on my face with a little massage until it soaks.

6. Night time moisturizer

You can buy it online from Sephora Canada with free shipping option or from the Kate Sommerville Skincare, they ship to Canada with extra shipping charges and custom/duties.

Have you also tried this serum, if yes let me know if it worked for you the way it worked for or if you are thinking to try this out, you can ask me anything regarding my experience with it.

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