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Tag: La Prairie Supreme Balm Cleanser review

Cleansing is the first step in the skincare routine with which the whole ritual of skincare begins. The effectiveness of the skincare products in the skincare routine depends on the first step – cleansing. With cleansing, I mean the skin which is clean, not stripped of natural oils, not dry, not irritated but comfortable. La Prairie has launched two new cleansing products this summer called Supreme Balm Cleanser and Crystal Micellar Water Eyes Face which definitely elevate the skincare ritual from ordinary to extraordinary.

New La Prairie Supreme Balm Cleanser and Crystal Micellar Water Eyes Face review

‘A perfect complexion begins with perfectly clean skin. Purified, detoxified, moisturized skin is the clear canvas on which the very art of beauty rests.’ It is my personal experience that when my skin is thoroughly cleansed, my skin looks and feels healthier with no to minimal congestion, it is radiant, and healthy-looking.

Supreme Balm Cleanser is a deep cleansing balm to start of the indulgent cleansing ritual not just to remove makeup but also to help shed the day’s stress and leave skin perfectly clean.

New La Prairie Supreme Balm Cleanser and Crystal Micellar Water Eyes Face review

Basically, good thorough cleansing does not strip the skin of its hydration or natural defences which is what this Supreme Balm Cleanser does. The Supreme Balm Cleanser undergoes a surprising and delightful transformation on the skin, beginning as a rich balm before transforming first into a sumptuous oil and then into a gentle, milky emulsion. It dissolves makeup as well as pollutants, dirt and impurities for gentle yet thorough cleansing of the entire face. The result is soft supple skin with a velvety feel.

New La Prairie Supreme Balm Cleanser and Crystal Micellar Water Eyes Face review

To use ‘Wth the spatula, collect a generous dollop of balm and dispense it into the palm of the hand. Using fingertips, apply on perfectly dry skin by massaging in a circular motion, starting at the forehead, passing along the nose, over cheeks and along the jawline. Continue to massage until the balm transforms into a silky oil. Splash face with lukewarm water to transform the oil into a milky emulsion, continuing the massage gesture. Rinse until the skin feels clean and free of residue. Gently wipe face using one of the delicate muslin cloths provided for a light exfoliation that leaves skin perfectly clean and smooth. Follow with the rest of the skincare ritual.’

Crystal Micellar Water Eyes Face is an essential, one-gesture cleansing ritual that combines Liquid Crystal technology with the indulgence of pure, clear Swiss glacier water to leave skin perfectly pristine. With the busy routine of the day, there is sometimes not enough time to carry on with the full cleansing ritual to remove makeup, pollutants and other impurities where this Crystal Micellar Water comes into the picture. Crystal Micellar Water Eyes Face is a gentle yet effective cleansing micellar water that attracts makeup and other impurities and binds to them so they can then be swept away, all without drying out the skin.

New La Prairie Supreme Balm Cleanser and Crystal Micellar Water Eyes Face review

Crystal Micellar Water Eyes Face removes all impurities and makeup without the use of water while the rich fusion of antioxidants protects the skin at the same time. The skin is clean, refreshed, hydrated, soothed, and healthy-looking. I personally use this cleanser as my third cleanse during the normal days, it gives an extra dose of good antioxidants to my skin and my skin is ready for the rest of the skincare ritual to attain the maximum benefit of the products followed by it. On the days when I am travelling or too tired, it is definitely a go-to to cleanse my face and that too as a second cleanse. It never irritates my eyes and also removes the mascara and every bit of makeup.

New La Prairie Supreme Balm Cleanser and Crystal Micellar Water Eyes Face review

To use, ‘Use anytime for a thorough cleansing. Dispense onto a cotton pad and gently press over one eye. Wait for a few seconds to allow the formula to begin dissolving eye makeup, then gently sweep the cotton pad from inner to outer corner. Repeat on another eye, using a fresh pad. Proceed to the rest of the face, sweeping product-infused cotton pads over forehead, nose, cheeks, jawline and neck until the pads no longer show any signs of makeup or other impurities.’

Apart from the new cleansing launches from La Prairie, there are new colour launches from the brand which I reviewed here a few weeks back.
For the Supreme Balm Cleanser and Crystal Micellar Water Face Eyes, I am really enjoying them for my skin – the ‘Rolls Royce of Cleansers’ and would highly recommend you to try these out in stores or get a sample, they are well worth the investment when it comes to their skincare benefits. La Prairie is available at Holt Renfrew, Nordstrom, and Saks Fifth Avenue.

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