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Lancome has launched new lipstick inspired by red rubies and designed with a crystal-shaped bullet for a precise application called L’Absolu Rouge Ruby Cream Long-Lasting Lipstick. The lipstick is faceted like a real ruby with its creamy bullet to give a clear-cut lip makeup in just one stroke. There are 14 shades available in the lipstick ranging from the softest nude lipsticks to the most intense and luminous reds. Fact is that this innovative new formula has up to 25% more pigments than classic L’Absolu Rouge. 

Lancome L'Absolu Rouge Ruby Cream Long-Lasting Lipstick review swatches

I have been testing these for few days and really like how comfortable and longwear it is – actually impressed with it. The formula is very pigmented, one swipe is enough to give intense colour and coverage to the lips. The lipstick kept my lips comfortable all day long – whether reapplied or even after it has worn off. The lipstick has nice creamy and rich texture making it glide effortlessly on the lips while the finish is satin luminous.

Lancome L'Absolu Rouge Ruby Cream Long-Lasting Lipstick review swatches

02 Ruby Queen – brick red (warm) ruby

03 Kiss Me Ruby – dusty rose red ruby

274 Coeur De Rubis – tawny nude ruby

481 Pigeon Blood Ruby – burgundy red ruby

Lancome L'Absolu Rouge Ruby Cream Long-Lasting Lipstick review swatches

I have tried Lancome lipsticks in the past, a few years back and totally forgot how comfortable and beautiful the formula is – these new launches has reignited my interest and love for their lip products.

Lancome L'Absolu Rouge Ruby Cream Long-Lasting Lipstick review swatches

The shades are beautiful, I have swatched 4 out of the 14 shades and these are definitely beautiful – I have been wearing them regularly, follow me on Instagram to see how the shades look on me.

Lancome L'Absolu Rouge Ruby Cream Long-Lasting Lipstick review swatches

The shades are beautiful, so is the formula – perfect for fall and winter. The packaging is very classic and elegant. I definitely recommend you guys to check these out. Lancome L’Absolu Rouge Ruby Cream Long-Lasting Lipstick is available at Lancome.ca

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Lancome has launched a limited-edition, pink, heart-shaped Monsieur Big eyeshadow palette which has 12 metallic & matte eyeshadows in rosy, nude, and chocolate hues mean endless eye shadow looks from nude to intense. With a very beautiful and eye-catching packaging in hot pink colour and the shades are divided into 3 zones with 4 shades each, not that you can not use one shade from one zone and other from a different zone, just that it is great for a beginner to refer and definitely a keeper for a makeup professional. The palette is curated by makeup artist Lisa Eldridge.

Lancome Monsieur Big eyeshadow palette, review and swatches

With no limit to creativity, many eye looks can be created from this eyeshadow palette. The shades of this new eyeshadow palette are highly pigmented, long-wear, and crease-resistant. The formula is very creamy and smooth, applies and blends easily.

Lancome Monsieur Big eyeshadow palette, review and swatches

The palette contains 12 eyeshadows:

Big Crush-Base – nude matte

Big Crush-Liner – light gold metallic

Big Crush-Highlight – light pink metallic

Big Crush-Corner – coral matte

Lancome Monsieur Big eyeshadow palette, review and swatches

Big Date-Base – rose gold matte

Big Date-Liner – bronze metallic

Big Date-Highlight – white metallic

Big Date-Corner – pop pink matte

Big Night-Base – plum brown metallic

Big Night-Liner – wine red matte

Big Night-Highlight – fuchsia red metallic

Big Night-Corner – brick brown metallic

Lancome Monsieur Big eyeshadow palette, review and swatches

For each of the three eyeshadow range, they can be applied:
• Apply the base all over the eyelid
• Apply the corner eyeshadow shade in your outer-corner to intensify the look
• Bring highlight to your look with the highlighter eyeshadow shade on the inner corner and the center of your lid.
• Apply the liner eyeshadow shade on your eye shape contour to structure your eye
• Finally, apply a few coats of our best volumizing mascara, Monsieur Big Mascara, on your lashes

Lancome Monsieur Big eyeshadow palette, review and swatches

The formula is very pigmented, especially the metallic eyeshadows are very buttery as compared to matte’s which is normal for a matte eyeshadow. The formula blends easily and is buildable to the needed intensity and looks. They did not crease on my eyelids for a few hours without any eye primer. I find the three compartments very helpful when using and creating an eye look and you might agree with me. And coming to the packaging, it is a delight to eyes and can definitely be a great gift idea for anyone loving pink and red hues and want to be creative.

Lancome Monsieur Big Eyeshadow Palette is available at Sephora, Nordstrom Canada, Shoppers Drug Mart, and Lancome.ca

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As per the Lancome website, it is a skin correcting serum which “Corrects the appearance of wrinkles*, pores* and uneven skin texture. Day after day, skin looks as if transformed. It seems softer and smoother. Skin texture appears refined. ”


I bought this serum during pregnancy to fade my acne scars and after a lot of research, found this safe to use during pregnancy. I have used this serum during my pregnancy and after it too. This is a nice serum and suited well with my combination acne prone skin. The texture of the serum is light and silky. This serum can be used during day and night. I used this serum for about 3 months on and off during day time. The results were quick and my skin started looking more even and radiant within the first week of using this.  I also think that it has helped my skin to fade acne scars to some extent.


The scent of this serum is heavy but i liked it. I have used this serum with and without makeup and the results in both cases were good. The skin was nice, even and looked bright. This acted as a good primer on the makeup days. I noticed improvement in the texture of my skin and the size of the pores with this serum. The serum blends very well and it absorbed into my skin fairly quickly. So, I did not have to wait to apply my moisturizer. I used 1-1/2 pump of the product after toning and before moisturizing my skin.


Overall, this is a nice serum for my type of skin. I am not planning to repurchase this soon as i have lot of other serums i love and few that i want to try.

Have you tried this serum or planning to try this?

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